Busted: De Lima cries after being kicked out in Germany? It’s just another fake story!

Senator Leila De Lima allegedly cried after she embarrassed herself in Berlin, Germany, to the point of being too emotional that the guard asked her to leave the conference. At least this is what a blogspot claimed.


The article even went viral after it was shared online starting on December 17 by several Facebook fan pages, such as “Friends of Senator Manny Pacquiao,” “OFW GLOBAL MOVEMENT Supports President Rody Duterte,” and “Pres. Digong Duterte Solid Supporters.”

De Lima Cries Kicked Out Germany
De Lima Cries Kicked Out Germany

Although the article was picked up by, its original source is actually a website called by a certain Alon Calinao Dy.

De Lima Cries Kicked Out Germany

The article claimed that De Lima’s hatred of President Rodrigo Duterte led her to be  “escorted outside” the conference hall where the ACCD 2016 was held. The writer even got the dates of the conference wrong after they claimed that it was held from December 12 to 22 when it was scheduled from December 14 to 19 in Berlin, Germany.

When De Lima, like all the other participants, was tasked to share stories about the current political and security issues in their respective country, the senator allegedly became too emotional that other participants asked her to leave the hall, as reported by “social media sources.”


Mr. Alon Calinao Dy was even quoted in the article published on his own blog: “Filipino people are almost everywhere. In fact when you go to Germany, supporters of President Duterte are there to witness how good the president is. The one who tries to bring true peace and order in the Philippines.”

However, the claim alone that De Lima was kicked out of the conference hall is already a lie, a lie that we have busted with “Busted: Articles about De Lima thrown out of Berlin conference came from a fake news site.”

De Lima was certainly not asked to leave. She also calmly delivered her speech on December 18, where she warned against attempts to undermine the Philippine history and identity.


When we checked the other articles on the, we found several articles, such as the fake article about Bayan leader Renato Reyes’ potential arrest for illegal gambling and the unsubstantiated claim and misleading headline that Ronnie Dayan’s wife is going to file an adultery case against Senator Leila De Lima.

De Lima Cries Kicked Out Germany

De Lima Cries Kicked Out Germany

Unlike Alon Dy’s claim in his blog, De Lima did not cry after getting kicked out of the conference in Germany. In the first place, the claim that she was kicked out is a lie. She was able to deliver her speech without someone crying or getting escorted outside of the conference hall.

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