Busted: De Lima claimed that she’d be a hero if ever she gets killed? No, it’s a misleading title!

Facebook page “Filipino Community” shared an article claiming that Senator Leila De Lima said she will be hailed a hero if she gets killed. The page captioned it “Baliw,” showing its negative reaction to what the senator allegedly said.

De Lima Claimed Hero if Gets Killed

The article, as expected, gained a lot of negative reactions from the netizens.

De Lima Claimed Hero if Gets Killed

“Filipino Community” shared that article on January 9 and it has since been shared 266 times, as of writing.

However, we found a few other pages that shared it last year, one of which is “Showbiz Government.” Its post has been shared 679 times, reacted to 1,800 times, and has received 621 comments, as of writing.

De Lima Claimed Hero if Gets Killed
De Lima Claimed Hero if Gets Killed

However, the only thing that we found on the links shared by the Facebook pages above consisted of one paragraph saying that the House of Representatives was right in issuing a show cause order against De Lima, although the Senator maintained that the House has no jurisdiction over her.


Then, there’s the 1-minute YouTube video of a report on GMA’s early morning program “Unang Balita,” covering how De Lima indeed refused to respond to the House’s show cause order.

De Lima Claimed Hero if Gets Killed

In contrast to the claim of the title, the report showed that De Lima did not say that she would become a hero if she gets killed. What she said instead is that she would prefer to go to jail or die instead of responding to the House’s show cause order. De Lima also said that she stands by her advice to her ex-driver and lover Ronnie Dayan not to appear in Congress.


During her interview with the media, De Lima told them that she has already imagined what the worst case scenario would be – that she would go to jail – adding that she’s hoping that her enemies won’t have her killed.

“Naisip ko na lahat yung worst scenario. Ikukulong. That’s the worst scenario and probably worse than that, sana naman huwag naman nila akong patayin. Para meron pa naman akong konting laban kasi they bury me, they will bury the truth,” De Lima said.

Nowhere did she mention anything about becoming a hero or martyr. This goes to show that the blog,, and the other blogs who bore the same title and used the same video, are deliberately fooling their readers by using a misleading title!

The best way to counter this? Don’t just read the title! Make sure to go over the content of the article, be it text, audio or video, before reacting to it and sharing it online.


Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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