Busted: De Lima unang masampulan ng death penalty ayon sa PNP? Article had a misleading title!

Has the Philippine National Police concluded that Senator Leila De Lima will be the first Filipino in a long time to be punished with the death penalty? This is what several Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook seemed to have believed in as they shared articles with this title: “RTVNews5: Delima Unang Makkatikim ng Death Penalty Ayon sa PNP.”

De Lima Unang Masampulan Death Penalty
De Lima Unang Masampulan Death Penalty

De Lima Unang Masampulan Death Penalty

Upon clicking on the article from, we only found a YouTube video that is over 25 minutes long. It turned out to be a combination of several video clips of reports focusing on De Lima and the investigation into her alleged involvement with the illegal drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison.


These are the things that the video clips covered:

  • De Lima’s camp questioned DOJ’s jurisdiction over the charges filed against her for graft and corruption and for being allegedly linked to the illegal drug trade
  • De Lima also questioned “special treatment” for drug lords who testified against her
  • De Lima pointed how the bribery cases of two Immigration officials, who are Duterte and Aguirre’s frat brothers, have not been given enough attention
  • DOJ closed preliminary investigation into De Lima’s case
  • De Lima released statement after her ex-lover and driver Ronnie Dayan testified in the House inquiry
  • Report about the House inquiry showing Dayan and self-admitted drug lord Kerwin Espinosa’s testimonies and the inconsistencies in those testimonies

There was no report in any part of the video about the PNP declaring De Lima as the first suspect to get the capital punishment, which is yet to be restored, if the Duterte’s administration pushes through with its plans of bringing it back.


This meant that the article deceived its readers with a misleading title. This is not the first time blog has fooled its readers with the wrong title or with a fake article, though. In fact, we have busted several of its articles, such as hoaxes like VP Leni Robredo crying over not getting invited to the Palace, US President-elect Donald Trump sending Duterte a special Christmas message, De Lima’s son being sentenced to life, and more.

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