Busted: De Lima’s son HAS NOT been sentenced to life, as what a fake news site claimed

Senator Leila De Lima’s name has been repeatedly linked to the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison, with numerous Congressional hearings devoted to listening to a long list of witnesses. But it seems like fake news sites were not content with simply linking De Lima to drugs as they made up a lot of stories involving her relatives and connecting them to the illegal drug trade as well.


We just busted fake stories about De Lima’s sister, Caroline, being involved with drugs. The first hoax claimed that Caroline was arrested in China for drug trafficking, while the second one was about her being sentenced to death in the same country. These are all made-up stories, though.

We also busted a hoax about De Lima’s son, Vincent Joshua, being arrested with drugs.

Now, Duterte Facebook fan pages are sharing a story about Vincent being sentenced to life in Germany after being caught with 50 kilos of drugs at the Frankfurt airport in Germany.

De Limas Son Sentenced to Life
De Limas Son Sentenced to Life

De Limas Son Sentenced to Life

The article also noted that the judge said Vincent is a “long-term heroin user and an active international dealer” who supplies drugs in Berlin. Senator De Lima was also said to have sent her “advocates” to Germany to plead with the judges to no avail, which meant Vincent will be detained for life.


The fact alone that we already busted the fake story about Vincent being nabbed for carrying drugs through a German airport is more than enough proof that this story is another hoax.

But we still tracked down the source of the story, which was picked up by The website cited the fake news site as its source.

De Limas Son Sentenced to Life

This further proved that the claims about De Lima’s son being sentenced to life for carrying drugs is truly a hoax! is the website behind several hoaxes that we have busted, such as Trump threatening Loida Lewis for disrespecting Duterte, De Lima being thrown out of a Berlin conference hall, Trump warning Filipinos it would take 50 years to find another Duterte, and more.

Every time you read an article online, make sure to track its source down to help assess just how genuine a story is. If you find an article citing as its source, you have every reason to doubt it, given its track record of starting and posting fake news articles. Be vigilant against hoaxes this new year!

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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