Busted: Napaiyak si Leni dahil hindi nakapasok sa Malacañang? Misleading title lang ‘yan!

An article has been recently circulating online about Vice President Leni Robredo allegedly “crying” over not being allowed to enter the Malacañang Palace by the Duterte administration during the vin d’honneur on Wednesday, January 11.

The article, which was posted yesterday, January 12, has already been shared by multiple Duterte Facebook fan pages like “Duterte Parallel Organization – Tagumpay Ng Pagbabago,” “Duterte Phenomenon,” and “Duterte 2016 Bohol ‘Calapenhon Movement.’”

Napaiyak si Leni
Napaiyak si Leni

Napaiyak si Leni

All of these posts have the same caption – that Robredo, which they even spelled as “Ronredo,” cried after not being admitted to the Palace.


Posted by Du30Info entitled “Watch: Napaiyak si Leni Robredo! Hindi pinapasok sa Malacañang.” The article contained a 13-minute long alleged news coverage.

However, upon watching the video, we found out that this was a compilation of two videos:

  1. A clip of a report aired on GMA’s “24-Oras” about Robredo’s reaction to the Palace retracting the invitation to the vin d’honneur with the excuse that  the guest list was limited
  2. A video of Duterte’s speech for the vin d’honneur toast, which you can also find in this ABS-CBN report

The original news coverage from 24-oras did not say anything about Robredo not being allowed to enter the Malacañang, rather, it talked about the Vice President being invited for the vin d’honneur toast but only to be disinvited at the last minute.

Instead of not being allowed inside Malacañang, Robredo was disinvited to an official gathering held at the Malacañang Palace.


Moreover, several articles published by had already been busted by Meme Buster, which shows that the website posts fake or misleading news such as this. Some of the hoaxes published on the site include Senator Leila De Lima’s son being given a life sentence and US President-elect Donald Trump sending a Christmas message to Duterte.

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