Breaking: News site claims Peter Lim and his family left the country 15 days after meeting Duterte

News portal The Maharlikan reported that Peter Lim has already left the Philippines with his family in tow.

Lim, the Cebuano-Chinese businessman suspected to be one of the top drug lords in the country, has left the country, according to an Immigration official.

“Well, the alleged drug lord Peter Lim is already out of the country bringing with him his family,” said a high ranking immigration official who requested not to be named.

The official also gave further details about the Lims’ departure.

“They boarded a private jet from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport en route to Hong Kong after 15 days of the meeting with the president,” official said.


Lim visited President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City on July 15, to clear his name after the President revealed that a certain ‘Peter Lim’ a.k.a Jaguar has links to the illegal drug trade and leads the drug operations in the Visayas.

In a video released by Malacañang of the 30-minute meeting, Lim said, “I’m with you all the way Mr. President.”

In Bisaya, Duterte warned Lim of the consequences should it be proven that he is indeed a drug lord.

“I’m warning you that I will have you killed if I find something out,” Duterte said.

Lim walked out of the meeting alive, but was later tagged by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency as the same Peter Lim on their drug list.

Photos of Duterte and Lim as kumpadres at a wedding in Cebu.

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