Busted: Thailand Bank confirmed gold deposited during Aquino administration? Another fake article!

Once again, news claiming that 3,500 metric tons of gold were deposited in Thailand Bank from the Philippines during the Aquino administration has surfaced.

This time, the news article from states that Thailand Bank has confirmed this transaction.


Although the bank’s privacy policy prohibits releasing the names of its clients, an alleged employee of the bank hinted to the media that said gold bars were cashed out a few days after it was reported on the news.

According to the said source, “Yes, they took them out. I believe they are taking them to another security company or probably to sell them.”

Recently, thorough inspection of evidences laid out in court showed that the plunder charge filed against former President Benigno Aquino, BSP Governor Amando Tetangco, and other former Cabinet officials were based on a fake document.

Thailand Bank Gold Deposited Aquino Administration

Thailand Bank Gold Deposited Aquino Administration

A number of inconsistencies can be found in the allegations mentioned in the affidavit filed by Rogelio Cantora.

Circular Number 49 is a circular issued on September 20, 1994 on a totally different subject matter which is in contrast with his claim that De Lima, Roxas, Drilon, Purisima, and Tetangco signed this circular on December 2014.

Also, BSP circulars are actually issued by the Office of the Governor; however, the fake Circular 49 was signed by Cabinet secretaries and the Senate President.


The complaint also cited RA 7655 as the basis to produce the dollars when in fact, it is the law that increases the minimum wage of househelpers. RA 7735 was also mentioned as it was supposed to authorize the conversion of money to a humanitarian fund but, it is actually the act to establish a National High School in Mawab town, Davao.

If you are interested in learning more on this in detail, you can check out our previous bust on these documents in “Busted: Documents accusing Aquino admin of depositing gold in Thailand are fake and full of inconsistencies!”

To cap it off, the affidavit also mentioned Leila de Lima as former secretary of the Department of Finance and Mar Roxas as former secretary of the Department of Nutrition and Local Government when the correct positions should be former justice secretary and interior secretary, respectively.

However, intelligence agency TAOC-IG insists that they have gathered enough documents to prove that the gold shipment did happen. They also claimed that the gold bars are already in Spain.

We don’t know what documents they might have in their possession, but if they are similar to the ones that have been circulating on social media since last year, then we’re certain that those are fake.

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