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Busted: US Embassy denied Trillanes’ visa application? Hoax alert!

Pro-Duterte Facebook page “OFW GLOBAL MOVEMENT Supports President Rody Duterte” shared an article claiming that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is planning to hide in the United States.
US Embassy denied Trillanes

Entitled “U.S Embassy reject Trillanes’ VISA processing.” (yes, there is a period in the title), the article from said that the US embassy has “deferred” the processing of Trillanes’ travel visa until some “issues” are resolved. The website supposedly had a source at the US embassy who revealed that the “Senator’s travel documents where (they did spell it that way) not processed” because Trillanes did not give the clear purpose of his trip.

The report noted that this came after a witness came out claiming that Trillanes tried to bribe her to testify against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Despite its website name, is not related in any way to CNN (

US Embassy denied Trillanes
Aside from the erroneous way the report was written and its unfounded claim about Trillanes’ US visa application denial, the website has published several hoaxes. These include stories such as Senator Leila De Lima claiming that her cell has ‘evil spirits,’ De Lima saying that Filipinos are depressed and worried about her, De Lima threatening Duterte once she’s freed from prison, and Russian President Vladimir Putin assuring Duterte not to fear ‘baseless curses,’ among other fake stories.

US Embassy denied Trillanes
US Embassy denied Trillanes

It would be best to stay away from fake news sites like to avoid hoaxes altogether. Memebuster has already made two lists of fake news sites and satirical blogs to watch out for.

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