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Busted: De Lima said her detention cell has ‘evil spirits’? Not true at all!

Senator Leila De Lima has become a subject of yet another hoax claiming that she said there are “evil spirits” in her detention cell.

However, the story was concocted by the fake news site


The hoax site claimed that De Lima raised her concerns about her security because there are evil spirits in her cell. She also allegedly asked for clerics to cleanse the cell and for her to be moved to another cell. De Lima said that she had been hearing voices and had asked to be rescued by bishops.

A statement attribute to De Lima said: “Anything can happen to me while in detention. While I have no complaints about my custodians, I feel completely defenseless here.”
However, has had a long a list of hoaxes under its belt that its claims must be subjected to thorough research first. In fact, the hoax source has targeted De Lima a number of times before. It made up stories about her that we busted, such as those about her claim to be asthmatic to evade imprisonment, her threat to Duterte if she becomes the next president, and her statement about how Filipinos should be grateful to her.

See just how much focus they put on De Lima? The fake news site is likely making the most out of the people’s hatred of the senator that they would easily buy into any negative stories about her.

Despite all these, De Lima seemed to be fighting back, if her statements from detention were to be considered. She said that she did not regret taking the risk of publicly admitting her previous relationship with her former driver Ronnie Dayan, her statement telling Duterte to fix himself first instead of bashing the media, her condemnation of Duterte’s promises to pardon the cops in the killing of the late Albuera, Leyte mayor, and more.

As for De Lima’s alleged worries about evil spirits in her detention cell, was simply putting their imagination at work. It is totally fake, just like all the other stories it made up.

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