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Busted: De Lima claimed Filipinos are “depressed and worried” about her? It’s a made-up story!

Facebook fan pages supporting Duterte shared a photo of Senator Leila De Lima with the title, “The Filipinos are depressed and worried about me, I gave them hope ~ De Lima.”
The photo was distributed on social media by “President Duterte Supporters” and “Duterte sa Masa.”

Filipinos depressed and worried for De Lima
Filipinos depressed and worried for De Lima

Although the story was published by, it was published on the fake news site

Filipinos depressed and worried for De Lima
The hoax claimed that De Lima has said how she gave hope to “many voiceless Filipinos” and are “raising silent concerns about her detention and disgust for the compromised Justice Sustem though they are afraid to raise their voices. even gave what they claimed to be De Lima’s statement, which read:

“… the fact is, Filipinos are depressed and worried about me since I gave them hope.”

However, De Lima did not actually utter the statement above. These were fictional words made up by to take advantage of the negative reaction President Duterte’s supporters have against De Lima.

Despite her incarceration, De Lima has never stopped criticizing the government and relaying her message to the outside world. She recently encouraged the Commission on Human Rights to educate the Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa about the meaning of extrajudicial killings, told Duterte to fix himself first after his media tirade, and agreed with the European Parliament’s call to have her released because they know the truth, among others.

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