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Fact: This is how ‘they’ change a news article’s original title in Facebook to mislead readers

If you click on the link, it will open to show the full Inquirer article and its title. You’d be surprised to see just how different the original title of the news article is.


So, how was the title switch made from the original news article title to that intriguing title on Facebook?

It was actually quite simple. Anyone who is managing a Facebook page can manually change the original news title to whatever he or she wants. By just pasting the URL in the new status textbox, it will generate a preview of how the article title would look like when shared on Facebook. The Facebook user can then change the title and even the description by simply clicking on it.


It’s as simple as this change.

Here’s the title of the original Rappler article.


But through the Memebuster Facebook page, we can change its title into this.



Before reacting to a news article, make sure to click through to the main article first instead of getting carried away by just reading the title itself, especially if it’s just posted on Facebook.

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