Visualization: How Exactly Leni Robredo Overtakes BongBong Marcos in the VP Race

Here’s a clear and simplified visualization showing how exactly Leni Robredo has overtaken BongBong Marcos’ lead in COMELEC’s partial and unofficial results of the 2016 automated polls.

Simply reload / refresh this page to view visualization again.

Robredo’s camp first explained in a Twitter post that her gains came from bailiwick votes in the Bicol Region, Iloilo, and the ARMM.

Marcos spokesman, Jonathan de la Cruz, on the other hand, reacted to the sudden change of fortunes that their camp wanted the unofficial count to be stopped. “Nagtataka kami kung saan nanggagaling ang mga boto na ito, at ano ang basehan ng mga boto,” de la Cruz explained.

See the relative vote counts by region as Robredo trailed Marcos at the start of the tally, and finally took a lead at around 4AM, on May 10th. This answers de la Cruz’s concern as to where the votes came from and on what specific time frame major gains were made late in the campaign and caught up with Marcos’ poll numbers.

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