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Busted: Occupy Luneta for Bongbong? Nope, it’s the 2015 Black Nazarene procession

Vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos Jr. accused his rival, Rep. Leni Robredo, of cheating after being overtaken in the partial, unofficial tally after the May 9 elections. His supporters were then quick to call for a show of force. On May 10, they made the call to “Occupy Luneta” on May 11 at 9am, even dramatically labeling the event as “The VP Has Fallen.”


And on May 11 itself, you can expect posts about the show of force to show up on your newsfeed. Avid supporters posted these photos, with the post of Facebook user Xander Christopher now taken down from his page.




But are these photos authentic?

Click on the button to reveal the truth.


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