Busted: Trillanes vowed to mobilize opposition for a ‘hunger strike’ for De Lima’s freedom? Fake news alert!

Some Duterte support pages on Facebook are spreading this fake news about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV allegedly gathering the opposition to stage a hunger strike until Senator Leila De Lima is freed from incarceration.
The story has been shared repeatedly by “OFW GLOBAL MOVEMENT Supports President Rody Duterte” and gained hundreds of shares on Facebook.

Other Duterte support pages also spread the fake news, such as “Rodrigo Duterte Supporters,” “Duterte Para Sa Pagbabago.”

However, the source of the website is the fake news site

Trillanes vowed to mobilize opposition

The website claimed that Trillanes vowed to mobilize his fellow opposition to “starve themselves” until De Lima is released from prison.
The story also quoted De Lima saying: “… these attempts to silence me and thousands of decent Filipinos, have failed to weaken and divide us.”

The quote from De Lima was actually from her statement about her 100th day in detention.

“My first 100 days of persecution have not been easy, but all the attempts to spread lies and disinformation about me, these attempts to silence me and thousands of decent Filipinos, have failed to weaken and divide us,” she said in a statement on June 3.

“Every day, it becomes clear that this administration is only fixated on discrediting the political opposition, fabricating false evidence and soliciting perjured testimonies from convicted inmates to silence us,” she added.

However, the bit about Trillanes’ plan to organize a hunger strike for De Lima’s sake is fake. There are no other reports from credible sources that could verify such claim. Moreover, we spotted several fake stories published on the website, such as UK Prime Minister calling those behind Duterte’s ouster as “selfish” and “greedy,” Queen Elizabeth saying PH needs support instead of condemnation, US President Donald Trump telling NY Times that PH matters are none of their business, and more.

So, there is no hunger strike that’s happening in the near future. Based on his official Facebook page, the senator is instead occupied with coming up with solutions that could help “crush” Maute and other terrorists without declaring martial law.

If you spot anything from, make sure to verify it first by looking at a few other credible sources before believing any of its claims.

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