Busted: UK Prime Minister called people behind Duterte’s ouster plan as “selfish” and “greedy”? Fake news!

Duterte fan pages were quick to pick up the story about how UK Prime Minister Theresa May allegedly called the people who want to oust President Rodrigo Duterte as “selfish” and “greedy.”
Fan page “Pres. Rody Duterte Worldwide Supporters” even thanked May for her support. The post has gained 1,300 shares and 3,500 reactions, as of writing.

UK Prime Minister

And “Rodrigo Duterte Support Page by Dr Eli Alegado FRCPC, FACP” urged their fellow Duterte supporters to “take out” Senators Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV and Vice President Leni Robredo. The post has already been shared 2,300 times and reacted to 2,700 times, as of writing.

UK Prime Minister

However, the source of the story is quite problematic as it has been known of making up fake stories. In fact, Meme Buster has busted Aljazeera-channel a few times before.

UK Prime Minister
The article from even noted how the UK PM May has “oftenly expressed support” for Duterte’s war on drugs, adding that she called those who support the President’s ouster as “selfish” and “greedy” because Duterte is only serving the Filipinos.

But you can’t find any report about May commenting on the ouster plots against Duterte. In fact, May is quite busy attending to her own duties as the British Prime Minister. She had to deal with Brexit and the recent terror attack in the UK, so she certainly had no time to interfere in Philippine issues.

You also cannot trust’s tendency to publish fake news, such as stories about Robredo being issued a travel sanction by the US, US President Donald Trump supporting Duterte against human rights groups, De Lima being asthmatic, and more.

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