Duterte’s joke about PH as China’s province an ‘insult’ to Filipino soldiers, more reactions from netizens

President Rodrigo Duterte may have only made a joke about how China wants the Philippines to become one of its provinces, some netizens certainly were not laughing. They did not take the joke lightly as well, based on their reactions on social media.
“Ang China naman talaga oh. Gusto tayong gawin na probinsya nila,” Duterte said, as he talked about China’s investment pledges to the Philippines. These include the bridge over Pasig River.

While the Philippines won over the West Philippine Sea issue, straining the China-PH relations, Duterte has chosen to develop a more vibrant economic relationship with the superpower instead of antagonizing it.

In reaction to Duterte’s joke, Twitter user @AltTeamAFP tweeted that such a joke was an “insult to every Filipino soldier,” with emphasis on the soldiers protecting the Philippines.

@MavicMBautista23 tweeted that the President has shown a pattern of making jokes to “test waters,” further accusing him of being a traitor.

@MrFrankBaraan made an even more serious assessment of the impact of the joke, saying that it is “bordering on treason.”

Another netizen, @betseyklark, hit Duterte for making the joke in “bad taste,” especially after he was accused by some for not fighting for the Philippines’s sovereignty.

And if it does happen, @ArrelPoblete already has his greetings and official titles straightened for Philippines as the “South Western Province of China” and for “Provincial Governor Duterte.”

Based on the topmost tweets involving Duterte and “province of China,” it seemed like the issue went way back to 2016, as these old tweets would prove.

One @altheooo hoped that Duterte would move to China, along with his government and his DDS supporters.

@Hoelder1811 also commented on how the President may have preferred China over the US and may want to turn the Philippines into one of China’s provinces.

If the conversion does happen, @AMdelLuzuriaga wondered if China would not rename the Philippines.

And a grim prediction from @IlegalEnglish also caught our attention – the Philippines could become China’s province in 2020!

How about you? How do you take the President’s joke about China wanting to make the Philippines one of its provinces?

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