Busted: De Lima claimed to be asthmatic hence can’t be confined in cell? It’s fake news!

Senator Leila De Lima allegedly claimed that she is asthmatic so she cannot be imprisoned in a cell, said an article from


The article, titled “Delima reveals she asthmatic, claims she can’t be confined in cell,” was shared on Facebook by Marcos fan page “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan.” The page obviously bought the story, based on its caption, about how De Lima would not get what she seemed to be asking for – special treatment.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

As of writing, the post has received more than 900 shares and 1,200 reactions.

One netizen condemned De Lima for only talking about her alleged asthma when she is about to be arrested and even brought up the already debunked story about the senator’s party in Bilibid.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

Here are other netizens’ reactions to the story shared by KBL:

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

Aside from KBL, known Duterte supporter Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles also shared the story.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

While Angeles’ current caption, has a disclaimer about the story being fake news, her post’s Edit History showed that her first post did not have such disclaimer.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic


In her first post on February 17, which was left as is from 9:49 pm to 9:59 pm when she made the edit, she merely said, “So… nebulizer sya. Hindi wheelchair,” without any disclaimer that it should be treated as satire.

It was also during that 10-minute period that she got reactions from a few netizens who pointed out that the story is fake and from others who took the story as true.

In the comments section, Angeles pointed out once more how the story she shared is really fake.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

However, despite her comments encouraging her followers and readers to share the fake news with a clear statement about it being fake or satire, it seemed like they did not listen to her and still took the story about De Lima’s asthmatic claims as genuine news.

De Lima claimed to be asthmatic

The story about De Lima and her alleged claim about having asthma as an excuse to avoid cell confinement is really fake. It was published by a website called, which is trying to imitate Al Jazeera, whose website URL is

Upon checking the other contents on the website, we found out that it has shared several other fake stories, such as De Lima’s son publicly defending her, De Lima praising herself and saying the

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