Busted: Trillanes arrested due to libel? This is recycled old news

Senator Antonio Trillanes has allegedly been arrested after being charged with libel. At least that is what one blog claimed and the story has been shared on Facebook by several Duterte fan pages, including “Rodrigo Duterte Lines” and “Inday Sara Supporters,” among others.

Trillanes Arrested Due to Libel
Trillanes Arrested Due to Libel

The story was picked up by blogs like and

Trillanes Arrested Due to Libel

Trillanes Arrested Due to Libel

Both blogs have the same content – a YouTube video that runs for 10 minutes and 44 seconds. It was about the Makati Trial Court issuing a warrant of arrest against Trillanes after then dismissed Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay filed a libel suit against him.


While the Duterte fan pages made it seem like this was a recent issue, it really isn’t.

The issue about a warrant of arrest issued against Trillanes came out in January 31, 2016.

In response to that, Trillanes responded with this:

Pinag-aaralan na ng abogado ko kung ano ang mga nararapat na hakbang,” said Trillanes in a text message. “Pero kung ang layunin ng pamilya Binay sa kasong ito ay para tigilan ko sila sa aking pag-uusig, nagkakamali sila. Hindi ko hahayaan ang mga magnanakaw na mamuno ng ating bansa.”

Trillanes posted the P10,000 bail on February 9, 2016 to kick off his campaign as a vice presidential candidate. Asked then how he felt about kicking off his campaign with a court appearance, he said that his case only made him “relevant,” while expressing confidence about catching up with the other VP hopefuls.

In September, he pleaded not guilty and said that the case won’t stop him from “bringing down corrupt people like them (Binay).”


Binay filed a complaint against Trillanes due to the senator’s allegations that he paid millions in bribe to justices of the Court of Appeals to issue a TRO on his suspension as Makati City mayor.

Morever, the photo used by both fan pages wherein Trillanes was swarmed by men in uniform was taken from when the senator went to the BPI Julia Vargas branch in May 2016 to obtain Duterte’s bank records.

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