Busted: Duterte did not insult Japanese PM during visit to his Davao home! It’s fake news!

While keeping an eye on several fake news sites and what hoaxes they might come up, one of the recent hoaxes we found claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte insulted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during the latter’s visit to his home in Davao City. There is absolutely no truth to this story.

Duterte Did Not Insult Japanese PM

We also found out that it was even shared by a certain Ebenezer Owusu Asamoha Thinkar to Duterte fan page “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters,” where the post was filled with comments bashing the Facebook user who dared to share it.

Duterte Did Not Insult Japanese PM

The article was posted by fake news site, which claimed that Duterte made several warnings and “fired abusive words” to Abe during the state visit. It added that the insults started when Abe stated his conditions upon giving a donation to the Philippines that Duterte deemed as “very weird and “insult to one intelligence.”


Abe is said to be calling off his Philippine trip and will return to Japan, the article claimed. It also noted how Duterte has insulted “anyone who comes by his way,” recalling his tirade against US President Barack Obama that led to the cancellation of the meeting between the two leaders.

However, all these claims about Duterte insulting Abe while he entertained the Japanese prime minister in his home in Davao City are false.

Everything that was reported about Abe’s visit to Duterte’s home showed that it was a pleasant and productive visit, considering how Duterte even showed his bedroom with a “kulambo” to Abe and how the president’s household offered biko, kutsinta and munggo soup for their morning snacks.


And even before that visit, Abe announced that Japan has offered 1 trillion yen (approximately P433-billion) aid package for the Philippines to promote infrastructure and economic development in the next five years.


It was also reported that during his Davao visit, Prime Minister Abe even adopted a two-year-old Philippine eagle, according to the Philippine Eagle Foundation. The eagle, named “Sakura,” will receive P125,000 stipend from the Japanese government every month.

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