Busted: Roxas did not say ‘Kung ako lang sana ang nanalo, nasagip ko na ngayon ang mga mahihirap’

After losing the presidential race last May 2016, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas has reverted to civilian life. But this did not stop fake news sites from targeting him, with the most recent hoax about him being that he allegedly said that if he’d won as president, he could have saved poor Filipinos. At least that’s what the article title said and it has since been shared online by Duterte fan pages on Facebook.

Roxas Kung Ako Sana Nanalo
Roxas Kung Ako Sana Nanalo

Roxas Kung Ako Sana Nanalo

The story bearing the title “Kung ako lang sana ang nanalo, nasagip ko na ngayon ang mga mahihirap” – Mar Roxas” was picked up by and, but when we clicked on the links, we only found a YouTube video, no text at all.

Roxas Kung Ako Sana Nanalo

The video is over 34 minutes long and it turned out to be a full episode of the GMA News and Public Affairs’ election special called “Wanted: President,” wherein veteran anchor Mel Tiangco had a “job interview” with then presidential candidate Mar Roxas. It was aired on January 31, a weekend after the episode with then Vice President Jejomar Binay was aired.


Throughout the 34-minute plus video, Tiangco asked Roxas about his political family, how he got into politics, his political experience, his potential problems with his image, his experience with Yolanda, how the Aquino administration dealt with the death of 44 PNP SAF in Mamasapano, the trouble with MRT, and more.


But nowhere was it shown that Roxas said “Kung ako lang sana ang nanalo, nasagip ko na ngayon ang mga mahihirap,” like what was claimed in the title.

If you also study how the alleged statement was phrased, it would have been fitting to utter such statement after the election, not before it.

All these proved that the statement is simply made up. We tried to search for the said statement on Google, but could not find a credible source to prove that Roxas did say it.

Fake news sites, though, have often made up statements and attribute them to people to draw readers in and make their hoaxes more believable. If you’re not vigilant about sorting the truth from the lies from the content that you find online, then you’ll likely be vulnerable to believing in false news.

Roxas recently took to social media to address the issue about the plunder and graft charges filed against him, former President Benigno Aquino III, Senator Leila De Lima, and several others based over supposed gold transfer to Thailand.


“As alleged Sec of Nutrition, I recommend scrambled eggs para sa mga scrambled brains,” Roxas said.

But if the complainants indeed used the viral documents showing the alleged gold shipment, their complaints won’t have much basis then because we have already busted those documents as fake. Even the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas have released a statement calling those papers as fake as well.

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