Busted: Article about Ghana president saying Duterte is his role model is FAKE!

An article has been circulating online involving President Rodrigo Duterte and Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo, where the latter allegedly said that President Duterte was his role model.

Ghana’s president has been under fire after his inauguration last January 7 after he plagiarized the inaugural speech of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.


The Ghana president allegedly just brushed off the accusation of plagiarizing the speech and claimed that he only looks up to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

“If I should have a role model, he is Rodrigo Duterte,” he allegedly said.

According to the article from, the Ghana president prefers Duterte because his ruling of the nation is according to the needs of the people and not of the international community.

Ghana President Duterte Role Model

Ghana President Duterte Role Model

Meme Buster looked into the claims of and found out that the Gahan President did not say such words after his inauguration. No other news articles supported this claim from the said website.


Moreover, after looking through the other articles posted by this site, we found out that some of them are fake articles. Among them were the hoaxes about Vladimir Putin saying that Fidel Ramos was “blind” not to see what Duterte was doing, Duterte resigning after Matobato testified in the Senate and raising taxes on coffins with the increase of the death toll in the country, and Floyd Mayweather visiting the Philippines and meeting Duterte.

Ghana President Duterte Role Model

Any stories you might find on Facebook about the newly inaugurated Ghana president admiring Duterte and calling him his role model is fake!

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