Busted: Putin compared Trump to Duterte for being vocal? Nope, it’s another hoax

Articles claiming that Russian leader Vladimir Putin compared US President-elect Donald Trump to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for being vocal was been shared by Duterte fan pages on Christmas Day.

Putin compared Trump to Duterte
Putin compared Trump to Duterte

The articles were picked up by and, but their actual source is the noted fake news site

According to the article, Putin made his comparison of Trump and Duterte during his speech at an event called Russia Annual Dinner (RAD) in Moscow. Putin allegedly “expressed his joys” over how the two leaders came at the right time.


The article even quoted him saying, “President Donald Trump has come the right time, Philippine held her elections on May and the Filipinos elected a very vocal man just like Trump and Me, with these two leaders the world must change and good governance must be felt across the globe.”

Yes, this was exactly how the article quoted Putin.

Yet, another statement allegedly from Putin said, “Like for example, Duterte has eliminated all drug lords in the Philippines within 3 months, and I’m sure he will bring development and good governance not only in the Philippines but in the whole world, both Trump and Duterte are the men to be watched.”

Putin compared Trump to Duterte

This is another hoax from, which is easily detectable just by looking at the heavily erroneous statements that the site claimed to have come from Putin. This is the same fake news site that published hoaxes such as Senator Leila De Lima hiring an Indian witch to confuse Duterte, her getting thrown out of her Berlin conference, her son being caught with drugs, Trump calling Robredo a fool, and Robredo getting an abortion, among others.


Putin may have talked to Duterte during the APEC Summit in Lima, Peru in November and Duterte may have said that he became “fast friends” with Putin, but the Russian leader certainly did not make a speech about Trump and Duterte being vocal like him or “expressed his joys” over the timing of these two leaders’ elections in their respective countries.

If you encounter another article from, it’s highly likely it’s fake. Make sure to verify the authenticity of its claims before believing and sharing it. If it turns out to be fake and it’s being shared on Facebook, report it as fake news right away.

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