Busted: UK adds Duterte to its history syllabus? Not true at all!

Facebook user Glorian Gh, noted for sharing several fake articles, shared another hoax claiming that the United Kingdom has added President Rodrigo Duterte to their high school history syllabus.

UK Adds Duterte History Syllabus

The article she shared claimed that the UK Education System released a new set of high school syllabus to include Duterte in their history subject, along with the late Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi.


Duterte’s addition to the subject allegedly sparked a debate among UK stakeholders since he just became president last June 2016, causing concern that the students might not have enough to learn about the Philippine president.

The article also cited Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening explaining the move that despite Duterte being a new president, he already created a “huge history.”


Greening was even quoted in the article saying, “If we have included Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi, then Duterte deserves to be there.”

The fact that the article was published by website, which has published several fake articles in the past.

UK Adds Duterte History Syllabus

Still, we checked just how true the site’s claims are, but there has been no credible news about UK deliberately changing their curriculum for secondary or high school students.

UK Adds Duterte History Syllabus

Moreover, has a proven and published history of making up stories, some of which we’ve busted. They posted hoaxes about Senator Leila De Lima pushing for a social media ban in the Philippines, Filipino business John Gokongwei giving Duterte a bulletproof BMW car, and Queen Elizabeth II calling Duterte and US President-elect Donald Trump as blessings to the world.

So, no. UK did not deliberately change their high school or secondary schools’ curriculum to include Duterte in their history subjects at all. It’s simply a hoax from a fake news site.

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