Busted: Fake news alert! Queen Elizabeth II DID NOT say Trump, Duterte are blessings to the world

There have been many fake news reports about Queen Elizabeth II forcibly linking her to President Rodrigo Duterte that we’ve busted before. Now, another article has popped up about her allegedly saying that Duterte and US President-elect Donald Trump are “blessings to the world.”

Facebook user Sa Ake even shared the link to the said article to Facebook fan page “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters,” where the post gained 169 shares and 640 reactions, as of writing.

Queen Elizabeth II Trump Duterte blessings


At first look on the URL of the article, it might seem legitimate as it appeared to have come from “” But when we clicked on the article, its real URL changed to “,” which in itself is already a sign that it is deliberately deceiving its readers.

Queen Elizabeth II Trump Duterte blessings

The article claimed that Queen Elizabeth II hailed Trump and Duterte’s rise to power as “blessings to the world,” adding that it happened “at a time the world needs most.”


She was even quoted saying, “God makes things beautiful at His own time and this is the time. This is the time the world needs leaders like Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte.”

The British monarch was reported to have added, “We need brave and hardworking leaders, and here they are.”

The article even claimed that the Queen said the world often “hates good leaders” due to their strong and strict policies to control crime and corruption.

However, a quick check at the other articles posted by showed us that it has made up fake news reports before.

Queen Elizabeth II Trump Duterte blessings

We already busted their fake news about Senator Leila De Lime pushing for a social media ban in the Philippines and John Gokongwei buying a bullet-proof BMW for Duterte. Their article about Duterte freeing Bilibid inmate Jaybee Sebastian is also another hoax.

[ads2] tries to pass itself off as something similar to the mainstream news site “” but it failed. Only those who are not careful about spotting its affinity to publishing fake news will be duped by the articles coming from this site. And the fake news site definitely made up the story about Queen Elizabeth II labeling Duterte and Trump as “blessings.”

Other fake news that involved the queen include Queen Elizabeth II allegedly requesting an immediate meeting with Duterte, congratulating the Philippine Senate for removing De Lima from her chairmanship, erecting a Duterte statue, hinting that US President Barack Obama is scared of Duterte, calling Duterte a “brave man,” and organizing a banquet for Duterte. The fake news site does seemed obsessed with the idea of linking the British royalty to Duterte.

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