Busted: Fake news site claimed that Manila Zoo will be turned into St. Cory Park! It’s not true

Fake news site wrote an article claiming that Manila Zoo will be converted into St. Cory’ s Park in honor of the late President Corazon Aquino.

It was shared on Facebook by ABiaS-CBN News itself.

Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park

The same post was also shared by Facebook user Rj Maximo, earning 63 shares and 341 comments, as of writing.

Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park

According to the article, the Manila Zoo will close in 2018 as it will be turned into a memorial park for Aquino, who was tagged in the article as “future Saint Corazon ‘Mother of Democracy.’” It also claimed that a reliable source the conversion is under review and construction of the park will start in January 2017. Former President Benigno Aquino III is also said to be lending a helping hand to design his mother’s memorial park, which will offer bungee jumping, zipline, sensual massage spa, and horseback riding.

Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park


However, there is no truth to this story. It is just an addition to the list of fake stories that has come up with, some of which we have busted.

This is the same site that has made up a story about Aquino’s beatification, which riled people up on social media. also wrote fake stories, such as Senator Risa Hontiveros filing a bill prohibiting tattoo exposure, Vice President Leni Robredo refusing to reopen Hacienda Luisita case and criticizing the food from Duterte’s Kitchen, Senator Leila De Lima having an abortion, and more.

[ads2] obviously has a record of writing fictional stories, but those who haven’t caught on fully bought the fake story about the zoo’s conversion into St. Cory Park.

Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park
Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park

Manila Zoo into St. Cory Park

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