Busted: Story about Cory Aquino’s beatification is a HOAX!

The late president Corazon Aquino is not going to be beatified, contrary to what a bogus blogspot is claiming.

A Facebook user shared an article from hoax maker to a Facebook community page for former Senator Bongbong Marcos. It claimed that Aquino is going to be the third Filipino saint after her beatification.

Cory Aquino Beatification

The netizen who shared the article even lamented on the possible destruction of the Catholic Church for letting Aquino’s beatification happen.

Cory Aquino Beatification

Talk about some priests considering petitioning Aquino to be a saint is true. Fr. Catalino Arevalo, Aquino’s spiritual adviser, sought for her eligibility to be beatified for sainthood. Just like with any other saints, a person must have performed two miracles verified by the Vatican and the petition for that person’s canonization must start at her diocese, according to Fr. Aris Sison. However, even the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said that those who are pushing for Aquino’s sainthood were facing an uphill battle.


The same topic has been the inspiration of several satirical articles written by Adobo Chronicles.

Moreover, abiascbn.blogspot claimed that beyond being petitioned for sainthood, the late president is bound for beatification, which is the final process before being declared a saint. And this is totally fake!

Unlike Adobo, the blogspot is far from being a satirical site. It has published several fake articles that we’ve busted these past few days and this story about Aquino’s beatification is meant to provoke hate.

However, abiascbn seemed to have succeeded, based on the over 1,000 comments on the post sharing the fake article. Many of the commenters truly believed in the article.

Cory Aquino Beatification

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