Busted: Duterte, Marcos fan pages share FAKE story about Dayan claiming De Lima had an abortion

After the Congressional hearing questioning Ronnie Dayan, the former driver and lover of Senator Leila de Lima, news articles came out describing the circumstances that led him to snub the probe, his alleged involvement in the New Bilibid Prison drug trade, and of course, his relationship with the senator.


Some netizens ended up criticizing the congressmen for “crossing the line” by dwelling too much on de Lima and Dayan’s lovelife and personal relationship.

But more than the line of questioning used in congress, it seems like de Lima has now become a target of another fake news being shared by Duterte and Marcos Facebook fan pages – that Dayan said that de Lima got pregnant and had their child aborted.

Marcos fan page Kilusang Bagong Lipunan even asked the Church if they are still going to side with de Lima after her ‘abortion.’

Dayan De Lima had Abortion

Duterte fan page Rodrigo Duterte Support Page by Dr. Eli Alegado FRCPC, FACP also denounced the senator’s alleged abortion, saying it is a criminal act, although the page also denounced the Congress’ questions about the de Lima-Dayan relationship.

Dayan De Lima had Abortion

Now, let’s see the source of this news.

Turns out it came from Yes, that’s the same site that posted the fake articles about Senator Risa Hontiveros passing a bill requiring tattoos to be covered up in public; about Vice President Leni Robredo refusing to reopen the Hacienda Luisita case, and about the late President Cory Aquino getting beatified.

When we clicked on the link to abiascbn’s article, we saw that although the URL stayed similar to the title, the content has totally changed. It is an obvious clickbait to get visitors to check on the site only to be fooled when they see that the content is totally different from the title.

Dayan De Lima had Abortion

Abiascbn is taking advantage of some people’s hatred against ABS-CBN with its website name and of people’s current intense interest on de Lima and her relationship with Dayan.

But this doesn’t seem to stop the Duterte and Marcos fan pages from sharing the article. In fact, both pages have racked up thousands of shares, with netizens falling for the fictional claim made by a fake news site. They don’t seem to care, though, whether the article is true or not as long as the headline gave them enough material to crucify de Lima. If only they read the false content of the article first before reacting, they could have easily rebuked the fan pages by commenting, “This is a hoax! Don’t fall for it!”


Dayan may have revealed stories about his personal life with de Lima, but he never claimed that de Lima got pregnant and had the baby aborted. It’s a total lie, again, from ABIASCBN!

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