Sara Duterte tells story behind campaign photo with Aquino, Roxas; slams black propaganda

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte discussed the photo of her campaigning with former President Benigno Aquino III and former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas during the 2010 elections, where they ran for the presidency and vice presidency, respectively.

She said that she and President Rodrigo Duterte helped Aquino and Roxas mount their campaign in 2010 because Roxas asked for their help in getting votes in Davao, hence her blue shirt instead of yellow.
“I’ve known Mar Roxas, sometime before the 2010 elections, long story short nagparaya siya kay PNoy. Kaya blue ang suot ko hindi yellow kasi si Roxas yun humingi ng tulong for Davao, so ayan na nga ang picture ng circus na parade,” Sara wrote.

“Of course we all know, there is something off with PNoy. Roxas is intelligent, PNoy among other things, is not. This fact was very obvious, Roxas was very apologetic, he looked pained,” Sara said.

“One of those moments sa araw na yan, Roxas said and I quote “Pagpa cencyahan niyo na, tulungan niyo ako.” (He can deny this, because my corroborative witness PRD, at that time I can tell, was not listening to him. Pnoy and Roxas bores PRD to death),” she added.

She also clarified that she “never received a single peso” for helping the Aquino-Roxas campaign.

Sara said that she voted for former President Joseph Estrada and Roxas in 2010, noting that it was Estrada and former Vice President Jejomar Binay who won in Davao City.
Comparing that parade with the parades she attended for her father’s presidency, she called the one in 2010 a “dud.”

“So back to your picture, that parade was a dud compared to what I’ve seen sa byaheng du30 for PRD. Wala nga iyong kandidato doon, sticker ng mukha lang niya sa bus pero you should have seen the people who went out and helped us. Papakita ko, gagawa kami ng book byaheng du30: pasasalamat,” Sara said.

She hit how black propaganda still continues despite the elections wrapping up over a year ago.

“Juicekow parang nasa election pa rin tayo ano? Black propaganda ang peg,” she said.

“You want to bring this country down with PRD kasi gusto niyo kayo lang. When I look at the videos and pictures of your yellow senators, natatawa ako sa ambisyon niyo. Hire niyo ako consultant para manalo kayo ng hindi dahil sa pandaraya. Magastos mandaya, mas mura consultancy ko,” she added.

Once again, she brought up how the opposition still fails to present proof of authenticity and source of their accusations against President Duterte.

This was Sara’s response to a post labelling her and her father as “the original dilawans” over a photo that was uploaded by the Facebook page Injustigram, whom she described as one of the “fake accounts.”

“Pakishare hanggang umabot kay injustigram. One of those fake people, behind fake accounts. Tanga ka, injusticegram dapat yan, to be consistent sa tema ng black propaganda niyo, anong injustigram. Engot,” she said.

Earlier, Mayor Sara slammed the members of the cause-oriented group Tindig Pilipinas and hit Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for “lying.”

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