‘Supalpal na naman:’ Netizens agree with Lingao telling bashers he didn’t violate their freedom of expression

After taking to Facebook on August 8 to react to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s threat to the Commission on Human Rights, veteran journalist Ed Lingao once again addressed his bashers, clarifying that he did not violate anyone’s freedom of expression with his #burn comments.
Lingao responded to bashers who received his clapbacks and asked him if he bought Facebook.

“Tao talaga. May isang humirit, nabili ko na ba ang FB, na kung makasupalpal ako sa komento niya, parang wala slyang karapatang magkomento. Ang sagot ko simple naman. Hindi ko binili ang FB,” Lingao wrote.

He threw the same question back at his bashers.

“Pero ang tutoong tanong, binili na ba ninyo ang FB wall ko, dahil gusto ninyong magkalat sa mga post ko, pero hindi ako pwedeng sumagot? Sa sarili kong wall? Ok diba?” he said.

As for those who accused him of violating their freedom of expression, this is what Lingao has to say.
“Minsan meron pang hihirit na “violation ng freedom of expression!” Uhm, mukhang hindi ninyo naintindihan ang konseptong iyan. Pwede naman kayong mag express — sa wall ninyo. Sa wall ko, ako ang nasusunod. Kaya nga wall ko eh,” Lingao said.

He added that he has every right to respond to any commenter “who acts like an ass” and urged them to act the same way but only when they are in their own Facebook accounts.

“Here, I let the public read and even comment, but I have every right to boot out anyone who acts like an ass. You have your own walls — you are welcome to act like donkeys there,” Lingao added.

Lingao has been known to respond to his commenters, especially those who are rude and who resort to name-calling. He has been bashed numerous times before, especially during his exchange of words with Erwin and Ben Tulfo. He roasted Erwin Tulfo in his Facebook posts for cussing at Senator Risa Hontiveros over a fake meme, responded to Ben Tulfo who came to his brother’s defense and called him ‘bulol,’ slammed Communications Asec. Mocha Uson for defending fake news, and recently, hit Alvarez for threatening to cut CHR’s budget.

The veteran journalist was also bashed for correcting the supporters of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, while trying to educate them about the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth

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