Read how Ed Lingao usually #burns, shuts down people through FB posts, comments

Aside from tackling what he called as meme-dependent Marcos supporters, veteran journalist and TV news anchor Ed Lingao has also tackled a lot of attacks from other Facebook users whenever he writes a critical post. The most recent tiff with Erwin and Ben Tulfo over Erwin’s cussing at Senator Risa Hontiveros due to a fake meme, causing the Tulfos’ supporters to bash Lingao. However, Lingao proved to be quite an expert in shutting down commenters.
We compiled Lingao’s most epic #burn comments based on the issues he reacted to in his Facebook posts.

On Duterte’s rape joke

On May 27, Lingao took to Facebook to comment on President Rodrigo Duterte’s rape joke and throw shade at people who are fond of calling the Philippine media ‘bobo’ and ‘bayaran.’

“The troops I know would feel deeply insulted by remarks or “assurances” like these. They are professionals who take pride in their flag and in their profession. They fight so that others may live; they do not rape so that others may take the blame,” Lingao wrote.

He later edited his post to warn his followers about the “fascinating” comments section, which he described as a display of some Facebook users’ “failure of intelligence.”

“Alam mo ba talaga ang ibig sabihin ng freedom of expression o nagmamarunong ka rin lang?”

“Yan ba ang idea mo ng hi morale?”

“Dun ka hijo sa wall mo magpakat*nga.”

“Bago po umikot, ikot isip muna.”

“Come back to me when you’ve grown a brain and balls.”

“Hanggang fb lang ba talaga ang brain cells mo hijo?”

“You have no right to ask her if she wants to be raped.”

“Intelligence failure lolz”

“Diyan ka magaling, mgbulag bulagan basta ayaw pagusapan.”

“Para saan ang brain cells mo hijo?”

“Kayo po ata yung umepal sa wall ko.”

“Nabilib naman ako sa tapang mo hijo.”

On Erwin Tulfo and the fake meme

Lingao received even more bashing due to his June 16 Facebook post, when he called out Erwin Tulfo for slamming Hontiveros over what turned out to be a fake meme.

“But to complicate things even more, it turns out that the radio anchor was reacting to fake news. Yes, fake news! The anchor insisted that he verified the story after watching (napanood) a transcript of the interview. Since no one really watches transcripts, there is a strong possibility that he saw a fake meme with a fake quote,” Lingao wrote.

He wrote another post on June 17 as a collective message to his bashers.

“Huwag kayong malungkot, bukas ko na kayo babarahin para sulit naman ang sagot ko. Tutal, pare-pareho naman ang mga hirit ninyo, may common theme. Parang nag briefing o workshop muna kay Idol. Isa pa, sigurado ako na may second shift na mag ti-time-in ngayong gabi,” Lingao said.

The next day, June 18, Lingao responded to Erwin Tulfo’s Facebook Live, still over the issue of the fake meme and he burned Tulfo.

“… epitomee ang pag pronounce ha, hindi epitowm. Di mo madadaan yan sa slang accent,” Lingao corrected Tulfo’s pronunciation.

“You cry for propriety. Dapat kinausap man lang kita. Huh? You, the epitome (epitomee) of propriety (sarcasm) should be accorded respect! Teka, saan galing ang ideya mo na yan na kailangan kumatok muna ako sa iyo? Ano ka, si God?” he added.

“Sabi mo sinasabi ko na magnanakaw si Bongbong. Uhm, hindi ko rin sinabi yun hijo. Kaunting hiya naman diyan,” Lingao told Tulfo.

And Lingao even used “may gahd!”

“At nabighani ako sa pahayag mo na di ako marunong magsulat. May Gahd! Sinabihan ako ni Idol na hindi ako marunong magsulat! Siguro dapat din akong gumaya sa iyo, na umaasa sa writer at segment producer para makabuo ng storya, na kahit nasa abroad ay may nagproproduce, nagcocover, at nagsusulat ng script sa Pinas para lang ipa voice over sa iyo sa abroad? Di bale, balang araw, idol, maabot ko rin ang bilang ng followers mo haha,” he wrote.

“Matindi ka talaga. Ano ito, pakapalan lang ng mukha? Kung yun lang, panalo ka na,” he added.

On Ben Tulfo

When Lingao turned his attention to Ben Tulfo, his followers know how much of an expert he is when it comes to roasting people. Here are some examples:

He urged Ben Tulfo to read when he said, “Magbasa ng mabuti, kahit dahan dahan.”

And he name-dropped TV host Willie Revillame: “Kasi kung paramihan lang ng followers, aba e gawin na nating news anchor si Willie Revillame. Hmmm?”

He slammed Ben for his fondness for using props.

“Pero hijo, yung mga okasyon na pinag susuotan mo ng bullet proof vest, talagang balak mong ikumpara sa mga pinagdaanan ko? Eh kung may tatawaging mahilig sa props, baka ikaw yun.”

Of course, Lingao didn’t miss ‘pulborize.”

“I will “pulborize” you! Ano gagamitin mo, pulburon? Slang ka pa dyan.”

On Mocha Uson                           

On June 21, he reminded Communications Asec. Mocha Uson   not to defend fake news.

“Pangalawa, at mas mahalaga, Assistant Secretary ka na sa Malacanang. Opisyal ka na ng gobyerno, at hindi isang simpleng blogger na nagpipilit maging kapalit ng media. Wala ka nang excuse,” he said.

He also urged Uson to ask for help from the PCOO staff to fact-check what he said over Lingao and the fake meme about Hontiveros and the Maute Group.

Lingao also responded to some of the commenters on this post.

“Ano raw?”

And he never lets go of netizens wishing for him to die.

On the Baste Duterte fan page

When a Facebook fan page wrote an open letter to Lingao, the veteran journalist decided to let the page’s admin taste his brand of #burning comments that had netizens saying “sunog! sunog!”

The “duh” says it all.

“Medyo malabnaw naman kung hanggang dun ka lang diba? Also, your assertion is tantamount to saying no one has the right to be critical. Oh, except for you. Uhm. Duh”

On TV5’s disciplinary action on the Lingao-Tulfo quarrel

On June 30, TV5, the network that employed Lingao and Erwin Tulfo, was reported to have taken a disciplinary action against the two.

On the exchange of words between the two TV5 talents, the network said:  “It is clear that this exchange was not only hurtful to the parties directly concerned but also goes against the work and journalistic ethic that News5 strives to uphold.”

Lingao responded to TV5’s statement.

“There are those of us who take pride in this profession. And there are those who take pride in being able to abuse this profession. Pray and hope that the next generation of journos can do a better job than we have,” he wrote.

On the Inquirer and Ramon Ang

Lingao commented on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s statement about the resumption of the talks between the Prietos and Ramon Ang. He lauded how the Inquirer, despite its imperfection “tended to shine in times of conflict and crises, when others would just rather kiss up or roll over and die.”

This earned him some bashing, too, and some savage responses from Lingao.

When one netizen called him out for using “crises,” here’s Lingao’s epic response.

“Pwede mo utuin ang sarili mo hanggang kailan mo gusto, pero huwag mong ikalat ang pang uuto mo sa wall ko”

On Speaker Alvarez threatening the CHR’s budget

Lingao clarified the Commission on Human Rights mandate after it was grilled by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez for defending criminals.

“Isa sa mga trabaho ng estado, siguruhin na hindi tayo inaabuso ng kahit sino. Isa sa mga trabaho ng CHR, siguruhin na hindi tayo inaabuso ng estado,” Lingao posted on August 8.

Lingao once again #burned some commenters.

When someone hit him for not commenting about the abuses of the priests while defending CHR, Lingao readily urged him to watch the documentary he made on the issue.

A netizen expressed regret after getting a response from Lingao.

And when he called out an IT professional, Lingao said: “I find it sad to see that you work in an IT-related industry but that you apparently only use the internet for gaming. No dear, the internet is also for READING!”

We can expect Lingao to keep #burning and writing savage comments in the future, especially when dealing with commenters who easily resort to name-calling and threats.

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