Netizens hit Philippine News Agency for posting Chinese state media report calling Hague ruling ‘ill-founded award’

On August 6, the state-run Philippine News Agency (PNA) published an article sourced from the Chinese state media and the netizens noticed the ‘traitorous’ move, seeing as how the article described the Hague ruling as ‘ill-founded award.’

One of those who noticed the post was Bernard Ong, who took to Facebook to post about the “high treason” committed against the Philippines.

“PNA – under Martin Andanar – published Chinese Xinhua propaganda in full. Written in Beijing. Wala man lang attempt to pen local version to make their subservience to China not so obvious,” he wrote.
“Local traitors – from Duts to Cayetano to Andanar – openly embrace the Chinese position which is to ignore UN Tribunal ruling, give in to Chinese takeover of our EEZs & rights,” he added.

To make his point as to why he took the government officials as “traitors,” he quoted this part of the report from the Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency:

“More than one year after an ill-founded award at a South China Sea arbitration unilaterally delivered by an ad hoc tribunal in The Hague, the situation in the South China Sea has stabilized and improved thanks to the wisdom and sincerity of China and the parties concerned.”

In the comments section, Ong provided a link to the PNA article bearing the exact same title as the Xinhua article – “Time to turn a new leaf on South China Sea issue.” However, the article was already removed from the PNA website.

It’s a good thing some netizens were able to cache the deleted PNA article and Ong posted it here.

Here are the screenshots of the archived version:

You can find the original August 6 Xinhua report here, labeled as “commentary.”

In another post, Ong called out Andanar for “acting like paid propagandists of China.”

Unlike how the Xinhua commentary article described the Hague ruling as an ‘ill-founded award,’ Ong summarized the reality surrounding the ruling.

“1. Our UN Tribunal victory was based on facts, rules (UNCLOS), and historical evidence. Why do you think it is ill-founded?

  1. China has not made South China Sea more stable. Their land reclamation, militarization, base-building, and bullying has causes more tensions.
  2. Threatening countries & bullying Filipino fishermen in our own EEZs is neither wisdom nor sincerity. It is aggression & disrespect.”

“You are a disgrace to Filipino taxpayers. You use our funds to publicize lies of the country trying to steal our reefs & seas,” Ong wrote.

One Twitter user asked, “Traydoran Time na ba?”

Another one pointed out how the PNA published another Xinhua article in February 2017 with a title “Senior official urges united support for Chinese socialism.”

Other Twitter users weighed in on the issue.


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