Busted: News about World Bank approving P500 with Duterte’s photo is a fake!

A certain Thelma Sarfo shared an article about to Duterte fan page “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters” on Facebook, encouraging other supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte to do the same. It is about World Bank allegedly approving the design of putting Duterte’s face on the P500 bill as a replacement for the faces of former President Cory Aquino and her husband, Ninoy.

World Bank Approving P500 Dutertes Photo

The article first appeared to have come from the Philippine Star, although clicking on the link proved that it actually is an article from fake news site


According to the article, World Bank president Jim Yong Kim endorsed the P500 bill bearing Duterte’s photo, something he said during a speech at the University of Washington.

Kim allegedly said that this is their way of thanking Duterte for stabilizing the Philippines’ economy, an achievement that has to be “rewarded and remembered.”

He was even quoted saying, “It’s a better way to celebrate the man. He’s doing best for the Philippines and soon poverty would be alleviated in that side of the world.” He was also said to have added, “The best way to reward and remember him is to have him on a bill.”


However, this article is simply a fake one. It was merely made up by, in the same way they have made up a lot of stories that we’ve busted. These hoaxes include De Lima’s sister nabbed in China and getting the death penalty for drug trafficking, the new Thai king calling Duterte “my father,” and former President Fidel Ramos storing P250 million worth of drug money in his house.

Moreover, it’s not World Bank that gets to decide what the design of the Philippine money should be like. That responsibility falls under the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

World Bank Approving P500 Dutertes Photo

In this media release, BSP provided answers to several FAQs, including why they decided to change the designs of the money in 2010. They said it is a matter of practice for central banks to change their money’s designs to stop counterfeiters from producing fake money.

In December 2016, photoshopped P30 bill featuring Duterte went viral.

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