Ed Lingao hits back at Marcos defenders, meme-dependent trolls, explains Marcos’s ill-gotten wealth

A day after the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ sneaky burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on November 18, TV5 news anchor Ed Lingao shared News5’s video enumerating the fast facts about Marcos’ Swiss accounts.


On November 21, Lingao then made another Facebook post, addressing a video circulating on social media that was attempting to rebut the story that he shared about the dictator’s Swiss bank accounts.

He said the video started with “Eto ang sagot namin sa pangloloko ni Ed Lingao…”

And we found that video posted by FB page “PSSAP Undergound Media.”

Ed Lingao hits Marcos Defenders
Ed Lingao hits Marcos Defenders


Instead of ignoring the video, Lingao took his time to debunk it “because it is so full of misinformation.”

Lingao made his points:

  • If they are truly rich, as Imelda Marcos claimed in one of her interviews, why weren’t those trillions of pesos not declared in their SALNs? Were they even paying taxes for such massive wealth?
  • He addressed the Marcoses’ case in New York, although Marcos died even before the trial ended and Imelda could not be jailed for the actions of her dead husband.
  • He questioned the credibility of Karen Hudes, seeing as how she has made some pretty big claims before. Ever heard of her “Black Pope” theory, who she said, is neither human nor alien?

This particular post has been shared over 1,800 times and been reacted to 4,200 times, as of writing.


But Lingao’s Marcos-related posts did not stop here. He once again wrote another post on November 25 addressing not only PSSAP Underground Media, but also the admin of a Facebook page called FlippinFlips, who is also slamming him for his post about the Marcos’ Swiss accounts.


In this post, he made the following points:

  • The Marcoses never lost a case? They did. In fact, the Philippine government was able to take back $600 to $700 million, which is now place in a PNP escrow account.
  • RA 10368 is definitely no longer a “senate bill,” as PSSAP Undergound Media claimed.
  • His message for the FilAm FlippinFlips: “Sorry kid, You are the best proof that not everyone who speaks English with a twang is also able to comprehend English.”



Lingao was probably referring to this November 22 video uploaded by FlippinFlips.


And the same person uploaded this video, still directed to Lingao.


Lingao fought back against what he called as “trolls” and highlighted these points in his November 27 post:

  • He does not block people on his wall, except for those who make rude comments. He lets people, “brilliant or stupid” comment  on his wall, but block those who are disrespectful.
  • He called out PSSAP Undergound Media for using the name of the real PSSAP.
  • He revealed the facts about the Marcos Swiss bank accounts, but it does not mean he is pro-Aquino. And the Marcoses lost their case in 2003! Proof? The Philippine government got more than $600 million from those accounts.
  • His message once more to FlippinFlips this time: “e is, without a doubt, the worst intellectual and academic nightmare.”


You might want to visit Lingao’s Facebook page for updates on how he is addressing his trolls. It can be quite an educational ride for you, too, troll or not.


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