Polsci association PSSAP denies affiliation with FB page ‘PSSAP Underground Media’

Have you seen posts from a Facebook page called “PSSAP Underground Media”?

If you think they are affiliated with another organization called PSSAP (Political Science Students’ Association of the Philippines, Inc.), well they are not.

They have addressed that issue with a statement on their official Facebook page, where they called the PSSAP Underground Media a “pseudo-political page.”


“The whole institution of PSSAP and the community of political science students of the country would like to inform Mr. Ed Lingao, news anchor of TV 5, and everyone else concerned that the institution of PSSAP does not recognize or is affiliated in any way with this pseudo-political page ‘PSSAP Underground Media,’” the statement said.

“Although the said Facebook page has the name PSSAP on it, we do not know of its origin and purpose. We also do not know if the people behind it are really legitimate political science students or just Facebook trolls,” they added.

PSSAP also condemned how the Facebook page misrepresented the non-partisan stand of their organization.

“Rest assured that we do not share the political perspectives of the said page but rather we strongly condemn it and its misrepresentation of the institution of PSSAP as a non-partisan organization together with the rest of the political science students of the country,” they said.

“We would like to take the liberty to apologize for any inconvenience and confusion that this incident might have cause and we are taking the necessary measures to solve this and precautions to avoid it from occurring again,” PSSAP concluded, along with a photo of the Facebook profile of the group calling themselves PSSAP Underground Media.


This post from the real PSSAP organization came after PSSAP Underground Media addressed Ed Lingao about the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth and Lingao fired back at them, citing the “alleged PolSci students” that made up PSSAP Underground Media.


PSSAP Undergound Media is obviously pro-Marcos, based on the articles and video clips that it shares on its page. Lingao has addressed the page’s misleading posts about the Marcoses’ wealth in a few Facebook posts, too.

 Source: (PSSAP/fb)


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