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Mar Roxas denies links to what news sites dubbed as ‘Roxas generals’ 



Mar Roxas released a statement denying any connection between him and the generals who were named and accused as drug protectors by President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

Roxas addressed the articles from news sites and even traditional media outlets linking him to the generals they dubbed as ‘Roxas generals.’


“Nakarating po sa aking atensyon na may ilang online site at traditional media outlet na nagbabansag sa ilang heneral bilang “Roxas Generals.” Kahit wala namang malinaw na batayan, pinalalabas na nangangampanya sila para sa akin noong nakaraang eleksyon,” Roxas said in a statement.

He emphasized on this point, “Walang Roxas Generals.”

Roxas also denied that these generals campaigned for him during the elections.

“Ang mga pinangalanang heneral ay hindi naging bahagi ng aking kampanya,” he said.

He clarified that whatever connection he might have with the generals ended when he resigned from his post as the Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government.

“Kung nakipag-ugnayan man ako sa kanila, ito ay bilang bahagi ng pagtupad ko sa aking tungkulin noong kalihim ako sa DILG. Ipapaalala ko lang po: Nagbitiw na ako bilang DILG secretary noong 2015 at wala nang pananagutan sa akin ang mga heneral,” Roxas said.

Roxas added that he has never tolerated any issues concerning illegal drugs and cited what he did while he was in DILG.

“Ayon din sa mga “report,” sangkot din DAW sa ilegal na droga ang mga heneral na ito. Bibigyan ko po ng diin: Sa simula’t sapul ay hindi ko sinuportahan o kinunsinte ang ilegal na droga. Salot ito sa lipunan na sumisira ng pamilya at kinabukasan ng ating mga kababayan. Noong nasa DILG ako, isa sa mga priority na atas ko sa PNP ang laban sa ilegal na droga. Bilyon-bilyon ang halaga ng nakumpiska at daan-daan ang naaresto at kinasuhan,” he said.

He also noted how it would have been proper to file a case against the five generals accused of being involved with the drug trade instead of being named based on speculations.

“Kung totoo na may kinalaman sa paggamit o pagbebenta ng ilegal na droga ang mga heneral na ito, o kahit na sino pa man, naniniwala ako na ang tama at makatwirang gawin ay sampahan sila ng kaso imbes na magpakalat ng mga haka-haka at espekulasyon,” Roxas said.

Roxas also addressed the Filipinos, asking them to be critical of articles aimed to mislead readers.

“Nanawagan po ako sa ating mga kababayan: Maging kritikal sana tayo sa mga website na nagkukunwaring nagbabalita, pero sa katunayan ay nagpapakalat ng propaganda at maling impormasyon,” he said.

He went on to cite what he deemed as false claims in the articles written against him, “Halimbawa na lang po ang pagsasabing heneral pa rin ang ilan sa mga pinangalanan kahit nagretiro na sila. Sa katunayan nga po ay tumakbo nang mayor ang isa sa kanila, at si Pangulong Duterte ang kanyang binitbit at hindi naman ako.”

Roxas went on to say that it was clear that there is still an attempt to ruin his name through black propaganda.

“Malinaw nga po: May mga pagtatangka pa ring dungisan ang aking pangalan kahit matagal nang natapos ang panahon ng eleksyon,” he said.

Roxas concluded his statement by expressing his faith in fair journalists not to be influenced by whatever the websites claimed about him.

“Tiwala ako na ang mga tunay at walang pinapanigang mamamahayag ay hindi magpapaapekto sa mga website na ito.”

Mar Roxas Generals


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Pimentel sees dismissal of ICC complaint versus Duterte



Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III said on Friday that the charges against President Rodrigo Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC) will likely be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

“I believe that simply is the procedure in the ICC – they give every complainant an initial chance to survive (sic),” Pimentel said in a message sent to reporters last Friday.

He added that he believes that after the initial interview, the complaint will be dismissed in just a matter of time. He says that it will be dismissed because of lack of jurisdiction.

The ICC has informed the Philippine government that it will be conducting a preliminary examination on the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the Duterte administration to see if there is a basis to conduct a formal investigation into alleged crimes against humanity that the president allegedly committed.


ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that the preliminary examination that will be conducted will analyze the crimes allegedly committed in the Philippines in the context of the anti-drug campaign of the government from July 1, 2016.

She also clarified that a preliminary examination is not an investigation but a process to examine the information available and determine if there is reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation in accordance to the criteria established by the Rome Statute.

The Rome Statute is the treaty that established the ICC. It was signed by 123 states, including the Philippines.

The ICC has jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

Pimentel, a Duterte ally, doubted that what happened in the Philippines under the president’s war on drugs falls under serious and grave crimes.

“Look at the crimes under the ICC’s jurisdiction. Do you honestly believe what has happened here in the Philippines falls under any of those very serious and grave crimes? Honestly?” he asked.



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Watch how artists’ group teaches Filipinos about their rights during TokHang



Resbak, an alliance of artists, posted an almost six-minute video on their Facebook page about what you should do when you are dealing with the police during Operation TokHang. With over 7,000 deaths, the group wanted to educate the Filipinos about what to do when they suddenly find themselves the subject of TokHang. They easily abbreviates these eight fundamental rights into M.A.T.A.P.A.N.G.

  • M for Manahimik. You can choose to keep quiet and not answer the cops’ questions during interrogations.
  • A for Ayoko. You don’t really need to grant the cops entry into your home if they say they want to search your home for illegal drugs.
  • T for Tumawag. You can call your lawyer and avail of his services even if you don’t have money to pay for it.
  • A for Alis. You can leave if the cops cannot provide enough basis to keep you in the police station.
  • P for Pribado. You should only be frisked for illegal items in a private place and only cops of the same sex should do it.
  • A for Alamin. You have the right to know the name and rank of the cop in charge of the operation.
  • N for Numero. You can call Resbak at 0956 874 2385 if you or someone’s rights got violated under TokHang.
  • G for Go. You go and follow the rules indicated above.

You can watch the video below, which was done as a spoof of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2017.


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Are you in DCW’s list? Here are tips on how to remove your name from that list and more



If you find your name in Duterte Cyber Warrior’s “Wall of Shame,” which may make you a target of cyber threats, such as identity theft and other kinds of attacks, you can do something about it.


Facebook user Khary Woulfe posted some tips on how you can hit back at the group’s threats.

Before visiting the page, make sure to do “Disable COOKIES, JAVASCRIPT and POP-UPS from your browser before clicking the link,” Woulfe said.

He also referred netizens to a safer version of the list, similar to the one posted by the Superficial Gazette. You can access it here.

As for taking your name, Woulfe suggested these tips:

  1. Verify your Facebook with your phone number. This is required to change your FB username.
  2. Change your username everyday (or more frequent than that.) The Messenger change username option is the fastest way to do so. (Otherwise, go to if you’re on computer or on web version of Facebook.)
    This way, your old Facebook address included on their lists will point instead to a 404 (Page Not Found) page.

“However, if you haven’t provided your username beforehand and your link has been listed as, the link would still point to your profile right after changing your username. If this is your case, it is better to deactivate your account for the mean time,” he added.


Woulfe also gave tips on how to take down the website hosting DCW’s list.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and select Violent Threats.
  2. Fill in Full name with any name that isn’t your true name.
  3. Fill in your email address.
  4. Fill in Evidence URL with
  5. Fill in Logs with:
    The link provided points to a website hosted on CloudFlare. The “Wall of Shame” is actually a list of Facebook profiles with links pointing to profiles that they are going to steal infos and photos. They also send death threats and other forms of black mails. I believe such kind of activity is illegal. My family and friends are included in the list. Please don’t allow your services to be instrumental to such kind of illegal activites. Thank you.
  6. Click Submit.

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