Busted: Story about Loida Lewis’ niece caught in compromising situation is a total HOAX!

Days ago, the Facebook post of someone claiming to be the niece of FilAm community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis went viral. She defended her aunt against bashers who slammed her for her remarks against President Rodrigo Duterte.

And now, a certain Lim Nenita shared an article claiming that Lewis’ niece was “caught in act-pants down” to a Facebook page of “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporter.”

Loida Lewis Niece Compromising Situation

This time around, the niece has earned her own share of bashers as the article claimed that “Piamonte Nicolas was last night caught pants down ‘sipping’ black stuffs with somebody’s husband.” The article added that Piamonte has been carrying her affair with the married man for two years, until they were caught by the man’s wife and the police.


The man’s wife allegedly said this: “We couldn’t believe our eyes, she was comfortably enjoying my husband by the time we were entering her house. I have been receiving reports on their secret relationship until when I decided to investigate the matter, I have the evidence now, she has been sending me threatening messages and I’m going to deal with her with insufficient mercy.”

Piamonte was reportedly about to be locked up for 12 hours while the investigation take place, but she was released two hours later. The article said that their “inner sources” said that the investigation was compromised by an “anonymous powerful woman,” leading to the early release of Piamonte.

However, the fact that the article was posted by fake news site makes all these claims doubtful. It seemed like its purpose is to direct more hate towards Lewis and her niece.

Loida Lewis Niece Compromising Situation

This is not even the first fake article from thet1mes that targeted Lewis. The site earlier claimed that US President-elect Donald Trump had Lewis suspended from the US for three months, which we have busted with “Busted: News about Trump banning Loida Nicolas-Lewis for 3 months from US is FAKE!


Loida’s niece reportedly made this Facebook post defending her aunt from bashers.

Loida Lewis Niece Compromising Situation

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