Busted: De Lima’s viral photo in skimpy outfit allegedly taken by Dayan is edited

Facebook page “Solid Rodrigo Duterte Supporters” shared a photo of what appeared to be Senator Leila De Lima on their page, along with a caption, “Ang babaeing immoral! Pweee! Kuha daw ni Dayan mismo?” The page was referring to De Lima’s former driver/bodyguard.

De Lima Photo Skimpy Outfit

The photo is that of a lady with De Lima’s face, wearing a skimpy outfit without bottoms. And it has netizens all riled up, with many resorting to calling the senator names, as they believed De Lima to be the woman in the photo.

De Lima Photo Skimpy Outfit

However, there were also those who reprimanded the admin of the Facebook page for posting something that may sow misinformation among Duterte supporters.

De Lima Photo Skimpy Outfit

But the photo that the Duterte fan page shared, which has gained over 700 shares as of writing, is actually that of Facebook user Jean Nunez. She posted that photo of herself on December 11, only to have photo editors replace her face with that of De Lima to fuel more hate against the lady senator.

De Lima Photo Skimpy Outfit

Source: (Jean Nunez/FB)

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