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Busted: ‘Ivan Trump, isa daw karangalan ang makilala niya ang pangulo’ is fake news translated to Filipino

A report about how a certain ‘Ivan Trump,’ which was actually referring to US First Daughter Ivanka Trump, said she is honored to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been making the rounds online since June. It has a title, “Ivan Trump, Isa Daw Karangalan Ang Makilala Niya Ang Pangulo.”
Given Trump’s position as the daughter of US President Donald Trump, it is not unlikely that she will cross paths with Duterte. However, we could not find reports from credible sources to confirm that Trump did express her honor in coming face-to-face with Duterte.

Moreover, we found the source of the article to be a fake news site The article was first published three weeks ago and got shared 194 times. They could not even get “Ivanka” right.

While we can no longer access the article, we can prove that the website is indeed a source of fake news since we have debunked so many of their hoaxes. These fake stories include the US embassy denying Senator Trillanes’ US visa application, Ivanka Trump warning Filipinos to help Duterte avoid getting intimidated by non-performers, Japanese Prime Minister telling Duterte to ignore “frogs’ noise,” Saudi Arabians requesting Duterte to be their next king, ICC prosecutor saying there is no evidence to warrant Duterte’s ICC prosecution, and more.

Unfortunately, the fake news was picked up by a blog called that is linked to the Facebook page “Duterte Para Sa Pagbabago.” This time, though, they wisely translated the article into Filipino.

The article was also shared by some netizens to Facebook groups such as “President Rody Duterte Facebook Army,” “Protectors of Our Beloved President Digong!!” and “Duterte DDS Worlwide.”

According to the translated article, Trump felt excited about the prospect of meeting Duterte.

She was quoted saying: “Isang karangalan ang makilala ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas, Duterte.”

However, there are no verifiable reports that Ivanka Trump did say this statement. While US President Trump has invited Duterte to the White House, there isn’t any sort of communication between Duterte and Ivanka. It is all born from the imagination of whoever is writing for the

With this type of fake news, we are going to look out for fake stories in English as well as in Filipino. This seems to be what they are doing now after translating this fake Ivanka-Duterte story. When we checked their website, we found out that they also translated the hoax about French President Emmanuel Macron calling Duterte a role model, Senator Trillanes planning to sue BBC, Trillanes getting abandoned by his audience in Zambales,

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