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Busted: Trillanes to sue BBC after his ‘devastating’ interview with Stephen Sackur? It’s fake news!

After his BBC interview, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is allegedly going to file a lawsuit against the broadcasting network, at least according to two blogs.
On June 21, Trillanes was interviewed by BBC journalist Stephen Sackur for his current affairs interview program HARDtalk. The senator received flak from the netizens, who mocked his answers and considered him “burned” when Sackur told asked him when he asked Trillanes” to “when Sackur asked Trillanes if his negative comments against President Duterte were “out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion.” Sackur also noted Duterte’s high approval rating despite his war on drugs, which Trillanes chalked up to the “bulk of Filipino public” being unaware of the events on the ground.

After the interview, published the article “Senator Trillanes to Sue BBC for Devastating Interview with Stephen Sackur” on June 21. As of writing, the article, as posted by the blog’s Facebook page, has already been shared 143 times.

On June 22, blog published an almost similar article, “Must Watch: Senator Trillanes to Sue BBC for a Destructive Interview with Stephen Sackur.” The post has been shared almost 1,000 times, as of writing.

We compared both articles and found that simply copied a huge chunk of its content from the satirical website Adobo Chronicles and added three new paragraphs to its article. Look!

The thing is that Adobo Chronicles, being the satirical site that it is, had a system in helping its readers distinguish fact from fiction. It is cited in its About Us page.

The Adobo Chronicles has recently adopted a new format to help readers distinguish between fact and fiction. Statements and paragraphs in our posts that are in italics  represent the facts.  The rest are fiction,” its disclaimer said.

Go back and read Adobo Chronicles’ article and you’ll see how the alleged statements from Trillanes calling BBC as fake news, being paid by Duterte supporters to insult him, his plan to sue Sackur before the International Criminal Court, and him saying what the BBC journo did was “crimes against my humanity” are NOT in italics, just regular font. Note that Adobo Chronicles put their facts in italics, which meant those in regular font are lies.

And these are the same paragraphs copied by At least Adobo Chronicles was upfront in identifying which was fact or fiction, provided readers take their time in reading the satirical site’s disclaimer about its format. simply copied its content without Adobo’s disclaimer.

No, Trillanes did not say that he is going to sue BBC and at the ICC at that, as the online articles claimed. He did not call BBC as fake news either. It is fake news from a satirical site that was picked up by another site which did not include a proper disclaimer, making it seem like real news. Unfortunately, many netizens bought the news as something factual.

Some Twitter users even tried to reach out to Sackur by tagging to ask him what he thinks about Trillanes’ plan to sue him or BBC. (Facepalm)

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