Busted: Ivanka Trump warned Filipinos not to let Duterte be intimidated by non-performers? Hoax alert!

US President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter allegedly cautioned Filipinos not to allow President Rodrigo Duterte not to pay attention to ‘non-performers’ who are trying to intimidate him.
Ivanka Trump reportedly urged Filipinos to ignore people who cannot even offer alternative solutions to the Philippines’ problems. She reportedly added that it is normal for government leaders to have “opponents” but such opposition should not “derail development” within the country.

The source of the story, a website called, noted that Ivanka is experienced in marketing, adding that the American presidential daughter also suggested that Filipinos should take advantage of the improved relationship between the US and the Philippines under both countries’ current leaders.
Ivanka Trump warned Filipinos
Ivanka Trump warned Filipinos
We tried to look for other sources to verify the story from, but we can’t find any. Ivanka has not sent any message to Filipinos or given them suggestions about how Duterte should handle his opposition. President Duterte is more than capable of handling those who are opposed to his drug, for instance. He has his weapon – his verbal attacks against those “oppositions.”

Moreover, the format of the website name used by is quite familiar. Remember the fake news site Yes, these fake news sites have a penchant for using the names of established news websites and adding an extension to their website name, such as in the case of this site and that of, BBC101,, and, among others.

Be more careful in checking your sources before believing in whatever story you find online. A simple search engine research can help you verify whether the story is true or not.

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