Editor tells lawmakers: Diyan ka sa human rights dapat nagsusugal; magpatalo ka na sa iba, huwag dito

A BusinessWorld editor told lawmakers that while he understood a bit how politics work and why some lawmakers may choose to “do nothing,” he urged them to gamble when the need to protect human rights arises.

Roby Alampay took to Facebook to lament over how the House of Representatives, with a vote of at least 119 to 32, voted to approve only a P1,000 budget for the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). This came after House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that the CHR deserved a measly budget of P1,000 to make it ineffective in its operations next year.
It was 1-Sagip Rep. Rodante Marcoleta who moved to give CHR a P1,000 budget due to its failure to probe rights violations by terrorists and who described the agency as one who was not valid because it was established by former President Cory Aquino’s executive order in 1986 under a revolutionary government with no Congress.

Netizens reacted to the budget approved for the CHR and Alampay was one of those who wanted to give our lawmakers a message.

He noted how every time he asks his lawmaker friends why they voted a certain way, they would attempt to explain what politics was about, something that he understood. Alampay said he understood why some lawmakers would choose “to rock no boat” because they have their own pet bills they want passed and how they are looking forward to the Senate and bicam to do something for the CHR budget.
“Pero naman, friends, may mga bagay naman siguro na kailangan panindigan. Tulad ng human rights. I can already hear a few people pleading: Sa totoo lang, may Senate pa, may bicam pa. The CHR will NOT end up with P1,000 for 2018. Hayaan mo na si Speaker to make a point, dahil hindi talaga yan pababayaan ng mga kaibigan natin sa Senado,” Alampay wrote.

“So choose your battles, and keep your powder dry, ika nga. Naks,” he added.

He said that if only the matters involved were about the Uber franchise, issues with the public transportation or SSS pension, he would have understood why many lawmakers would choose not to do anything. But he insisted that doing nothing where human rights are involved is totally different.

“Kung prangkisa lang ng Uber pinag-uusapan, o kahit pa nga SSS pension o TRAIN, maiintindihan ko ang galamay ng politika. But for human rights, you do not keep your powder dry for that. Sa ibang bagay uubra yan,” he said.

“Dyan ka nga dapat nagsusugal. Magpatalo ka na sa iba, huwag dito. Kaka-alaga niyo sa pet bills ninyo, kaka-akyat ninyo sa elevator, hinahayaan niyong gumuho ang lupang kinatatayuan nating lahat,” he added.

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