Is Nova Scotia Bank really non-existent? Here’s what netizens have to say on the matter

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was roasted for lying about a bank called “Nova Scotia Bank” being non-existent when some netizens said that it does exist. However, there were also those who agreed with Trillanes’ assertion that the said bank does not exist.
In his press conference on September 11, Trillanes said that after “basic” research, it was easy to see that at least two of the banks in the documents used to accuse him of having offshore accounts are bogus banks, referring to “Nova Scotia Bank” and “Hongkong Shanghai Bank.”

“Hindi lang non-existent accounts, but non-existent banks. Ganoon ka-glaring ang fabrication na ito,” Trillanes said.

However, several netizens called out Trillanes for “lying” for calling the two banks when they do exist.

Even this Greco Belgica fan page called out Trillanes for spreading fake news, pointing to the fact that there is a “Scotiabank.”

Other netizens disputed Trillanes saying that there is indeed a Nova Scotia Bank, also called as Scotiabank, in Canada.

Trillanes called for a press conference on September 11 to deny having any offshore accounts and dispute the authenticity of the documents that surfaced on social media.

These are likely the same ones that were posted by Communications Asec. Mocha Uson on her Facebook page from another page called “Davao Breaking News – 2.”


These are the same documents that Trillanes showed and debunked to be fabricated in his press conference.
However, Davao Breaking News 2 said that the documents Trillanes presented were not the same “authentic bank documents” the page presented but were the “prepared document” retyped by the source, who mistakenly wrote the banks’ names.

“Eh di san di napasok yung $50 deposit kung non-existent yung bank… of the 27 accounts, dalawa lang ang nareturn deposit… ung nirefer naman nyang non-existent bank did not come from the authentic bank documents we presented… kundi dun sa “prepared document” na niretype na lang ng source para mas klaro… kaya nagkamali ng lagay ng name…” Davao Breaking News – 2 wrote.

Scotia 5 (Pls blur the name of the netizen, but not the name of Davao Breaking News -2)

So, Davao Breaking News 2 showed several copies showing remittances of $50 for various offshore accounts that allegedly bore Trillanes name and in some accounts, those of other people too.

But as you can see, the bank name in the remittance documents posted by the page still showed “Nova Scotia Bank.”

In response to this backlash against him, Trillanes said that the bank’s legitimate names are Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, not Hongkong Shanghai Bank, and Scotia Bank (although it’s spelled Scotiabank) and not Nova Scotia Bank. The latter is actually also called as The Bank of Nova Scotia.

“For your info, Mr. Duterte, walang Hongkong Shanghai Bank. Ang mayroon ay Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. At wala ring Nova Scotia Bank. Ang mayroon ay Scotia Bank. Magkaiba ‘yan. Mag-iimbento ka lang, palpak pa,” Trillanes wrote on Facebook.

On Twitter, some netizens also defended Trillanes’ line of reasoning regarding the use of the banks’ names.

“Mabuti we finally agreed on something! Meron ngang Bank of Nova Scotia pero not Nova Scotia Bank which is what fake news indicated! TBG ka!” one netizen tweeted.

Another one said, “Saying that Trillanes has an account in “Nova Scotia Bank” is like saying many Filipinos have a bank account in the Philippine Islands Bank.”

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