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Busted: Trillanes bows down like a puppy and apologizes to fellow senators over ‘tuta’ remark? Fake news alert!

Senator Antonio Trillanes allegedly had his head bowed like a puppy when he apologized to his fellow senators after he called them “lapdogs” of the Duterte administration, according to some blogs.
The reports published by and had headlines “Trillanes bows down like a puppy, asks apology to fellow senators.”

They were even shared by Facebook page “Duterte Ang Pagbabago” and a certain Facebook user.

Both blogs contained exactly the same article, but it turned out the headline used by the blogs was misleading. The content of their articles merely talked about how Senators JV Ejercito and Vicente “Tito” Sotto III asked for a public apology from Trillanes after he called the Senate as the administration’s “tuta” for refusing to investigate the alleged abuses of the Duterte administration.

The article did not mention anything about Trillanes apologizing to the Senate with his head bowed like a puppy at all. And even if they did, it would be a fake story because Trillanes never apologized to his fellow senators after he made the “tuta” remark.

A few days after making his “lapdogs” remark against the Senate and even with the urging of fellow senators for him to make a public apology, Trillanes said that he won’t apologize.

“Why should I apologize for what I think is true?” Trillanes said in an ambush interview on July 11.

“What I said was my observation and what I believe was true,” he added.

Trillanes also said that he was willing to face an ethics complaint and added that as political figures, they should not be ‘onion-skinned.’

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