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Busted: Agot Isidro forced to check out from her Boracay hotel? It’s satirical news!

Outspoken actress Agot Isidro is once again the subject of a fake story claiming that she was forced to check out of her hotel in Boracay. She has since been bashed online for first criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte and calling him a psychopath.
Blogs and published the story on August 14 and it has since been shared over 3,000 times.

It was picked up by some Facebook users, who expressed anger at Isidro.

We checked Pinoy Observer’s story, which is possibly a satirical piece, considering how the site describes itself as a satirical blog.
Isidro, noted as Duterte’s critic, was reportedly asked to leave the Boracay Hotel Groove and Spa earlier than her intended check-out date because “she created problems that could endanger the whole hotel.” The actress checked in with two female companions on August 11 and was supposed to check out on August 18, but she had an altercation with someone at a nearby beach on August 12. It was at 4pm on the same day that a small crowd, which the blog spelled as “crowed,” formed outside the hotel, asking the hotel manager to let the actress show up. Two hours later, the crowd grew to over 50 people, demanding that the actress face them.

The blog reported that most of the people in the crowd were Duterte supporters, who probably came after her confrontation with who might have been another Duterte supporter. When the crowd refused to disperse despite the presence of the police, the hotel owners advised Isidro to check out in the morning of August 13. The actress and her companions were said to have moved somewhere remote in Station 3.

We tried to verify the story by first checking out if there really is a Boracay Hotel Groove and Spa, but we could not find a hotel of such name in Boracay.

Then, we went back to Pinoy Observer’s About Us page, where the blog said that its content is “50% facts and 50% satire.” The fact that the hotel mentioned in the story cannot be found in Boracay shows that this is indeed another made-up story meant to, as it said in its disclaimer, “ridicule gullible, ignorant, and arrogant people through sarcasm.”

Isidro had other fake stories written about her that we busted. These include those stories claiming that she is dating drug lords and her house was raided and the police found P680 million worth of drug money. She was even impersonated on Facebook.

Earlier, we busted another satirical piece from Pinoy Observer that was picked up by other blogs. It has the same theme as this story about Isidro as it claimed that mall security guards asked Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano to leave the mall after a crowd of Duterte supporters gathered around him.

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