Agot Isidro has something to say to her impersonators on Facebook 

Actress Agot Isidro revealed the account of one of her impersonators on Facebook on Thursday, October 20.

“Some people have sent me links to this page posing as me. This is not my account,” she said in her post.

According to her, she has found several other posers on social media and has reported them all.

She also has a message to her social media impersonators.

“I have my voice. You have yours. Own up to yours,” Isidro said.

She then posted a link to one of the poser’s posts.

It must have really caught people’s and Isidro’s attention given the fact that the impersonator’s post has gone viral. It has even reached over 5,000 shares, as of posting.
Agot Isidro to Impersonators

Based on the comments, it seemed like many people believed that it was really Isidro who made the post.

The actress has been on the other end of the bashing from the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte after she called him a “psychopath” and for putting Filipinos at risk of getting hungry. This remark came after Duterte dared the United States and European Union to withdraw aid to the Philippines. Both entities have criticized the Philippine government’s war against drugs that led to a rising death toll among suspected drug personalities.



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