What was Nova Parojinog trying to swallow? Espinido says it’s ‘drug transaction list;’ GMA News obtains copy of the note

Ozamiz City Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog featured in a now viral video showing her trying to hide something, even fighting off some members of the raiding team.
GMA News obtained a cell phone video of the moment when Parojinog got something out of her bag when the cops inspected her room during the raid at her family home on July 30. She concealed the item in her hand and even tried to swallow it. Parojinog also resisted the cops who tried to pry her hand open. When they successfully got her hand open, she was seen holding something white.

The cops then handcuffed her.

According to another GMA News report, Ozamiz City Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido said that the white items was a “drug transaction list.”
“Hindi iyon shabu, yun lahat ang details ng transaksyon nila sa drugs,” Espenido said.

The piece of paper is now in the possession of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the Philippine National Police, who is treating it as valuable evidence in the investigation into the Parojinog family’s alleged role in the city’s drug trade.

The Parojinog’s legal counsel, Ferdinand Topacio, also denied that the item was shabu.

“It’s not shabu, kasi kung shabu iyon, kasi kung nilunok mo, kasi shabu is water-soluble, it will be instantly absorbed by the body,” Topacio said.

GMA News exclusively obtained a copy of the note from a reliable source within the PNP, showing a piece of torn paper. According to the source, this was the item that Parojinog tried to swallow during the raid.

The note showed a list of expenses and figures in hundreds of thousands of pesos written in pen. It contained words such as ‘COA Dress,’ ‘Additional Food (pack lunch) for schools,’ and ‘Dept. Heads,’ among others.

Asked about the note, Topacio said in a phone interview with GMA News that his client could explain the contents of the note in court.

“May konteksto ang kabanata na ‘yan at dapat ipaliwanag ang konteksto, pero naipaliwanag po sa amin ‘yan ng aming kliyente,” the lawyer said.

Parojinog and her brother Reynaldo Jr. are in Camp Crame after being charged for violating Section 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act (possession of dangerous drugs) and Section 21 of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act (acquisition or purchase and sale of firearms and ammunition). They are also facing another charge for violation of Section 3-A of R.A. 9516 (unlawful manufacture, sales, acquisition, disposition, importation or possession of a part, ingredient, machinery, tool or instrument used or intended to be used for the manufacture, construction, assembly, delivery or detonation).

The dawn raid conducted at the Parojinog compound on July 30 led to the death of Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr.; his wife, Susan; his sister Mona; and his brother, Provincial Board Member Octavio Parojinog. Another Parojinog member, the mayor’s nephew Daryl died on August 1 due to his injuries.

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