Robredo shares Jillian is back from her exchange program in Spain after detractors made ‘lakwatsa’ claim

Vice President Leni Robredo took to Facebook to share the news that her youngest daughter, Jillian, is back home after her exchange program in Spain ended.

On August 1, Robredo posted a photo of what she described as Jillian’s “stash for her mama,” referring to the refrigerator magnets.
“Jillian is back from her Exchange Program and this is her stash for her Mama,” Robredo wrote. “She’s bringing home with her three weeks worth of experiences of living with a Spanish Foster Family and attending a Spanish School with more than a hundred other exchange students from all over the world.”

Before this, the Vice President posted a photo of Jillian with her foster family in Spain on July 21.

“Jillian with her Spanish foster family. She’s been living with them for two weeks now and she said they’re the kindest people. Just one more week to go,” she wrote.

On July 13, pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot asked who is paying for Jillian’s trip to Spain.

“So Jillian Robredo is in Spain…..diba HS grad lang siya? Sinong nagbayad ng trip?” she wrote on Facebook.

One Twitter user bashed Jillian for going to Spain.

“Etong si Jillian Robredo di na naawa sa nanay niya. Naka-tsinelas na nga’t namasura sa New York pero siya, naglakwatsa pa sa Spain,” he wrote.

Krizette Laureta Chu, another Duterte supporter, also blasted Vice President Robredo for pretending to have no money but was able to send Jillian to Spain and her eldest daughter, Aika, to Harvard. She slammed those who criticized Duterte’s youngest daughter, Kitty, for accompanying him to Russia on a chartered plane where she did not have to pay for her fare.
“When Kitty Duterte went with her dad to Russia, sakay sa Presidential plane, na wala naman siyang pamasahe kasi when you charter a plane you pay for the time, not for the passengers, andami niyong sinabi. Ang nanay ni Kitty mayaman at maraming negosyo so may pang allowance sila,” Chu wrote in a Facebook post.

“Si Jillian Robredo na ang nanay nag prepretend na mahirap at ayaw magbayad ng protest fee, nasa Spain. Si Leni wala DAW negosyo, wala DAW pera, pero Harvard ang isang anak, Spain ang isa. Pero walang pera. Ano pa kaya kung may pera siya, baka sa Hogwarts na nag aaral si Aika,” she added.

But a netizen responded to Chu’s post, telling her then that Jillian was able to go to Spain as an exchange student and reminding her that Aika was a scholar.

“Hello Ms. Chu, si Jillian Robredo ay exchange student sa Spain kaya siya nandoon at yung isa naman ay nasa Harvard at scholar siya doon. Nakapagaral sa ibang bansa mga anak ni VP Leni hindi dahil mayaman siya kundi dahil pinagpala sila ng talino at ikaw naman ay pinagpala ng inggit, poot at selos. Sige bekz iculture mo pa ang ugali mong yan para mag quota na ang kahunghangan mo,” he said in a Facebook post.


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