Rule of Law was defied in surprise Marcos burial – Raymond Fortun

Lawyer Raymond Fortun said that Filipinos should be afraid of how the Rule of Law was defied when the Marcoses pushed through with their surprise, sneaky burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“Forget about the legalities of burying a dead President. We should all be scared when the Rule of Law is defied,” he said in a Facebook post.

“The AFP and PNP knew that the SC Decision was not yet final; yet, they assisted the Marcos family at high noon today,” he added.


Fortun voiced out his apprehension about what law might be violated next, given the violation that happened with Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on November 18.  He even expressed his worry about how the law prohibiting the declaration of martial law might be defied next.

“What’s the next law that they will disregard, the writ of habeas corpus? The prohibition against the imposition of martial law?” he said.

Fortun also worried just how at ease the Filipinos feel now after our very own soldiers violated our laws.

But just like his previous posts, Fortun also interacted with his commenters.

One commenter asked if President Rodrigo Duterte’s role in the Marcos burial is an impeachable offense, which Fortun answered in the negative.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

Facebook user Cess Angelo inquired as to how many motion for reconsideration a petitioner is allowed to file, to which Fortun has a reply, adding that since he is a non-petitioner against the Marcos burial, he cannot file a motion for reconsideration.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

When another Facebook user was confused as to what law was violated, Fortun said that the 15 days allotted for the petitioners to file a motion for reconsideration has not lapsed. The Supreme Court voted 9-5 that Duterte did not commit any abuse grave of discretion for order Marcos burial and that Marcos remains were eligible to be buried at the LNMB.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

Commenter Felipe Montejo expressed his disagreement with Fortun, saying that Marcos’ burial was initially scheduled in September anyway, but Fortun stood his ground that a law was defied.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

Fortun also insisted that he is not questioning the legality of Marcos’ interment at the LNMB, but he is worried about the rights of the Filipinos in the future with the current defiance of the law happening today.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

The lawyer also took his time to simplify his explanation to one Facebook user who asked him why despite his being religious, he does not seem to be considerate.

Raymond Fortun Surprise Marcos Burial

And Fortun wrapped his post up with this question about his concern for the nation.

“Can we still sleep soundly at night knowing that our armed forces are the law breakers?” he concluded.


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