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Busted: Ramos’ $5M seized at London airport, facing money laundering charges? Hoax alert!

Was former President Fidel Ramos really charged for money laundering? Was he caught with $5 million at the London City Airport?

All these claims are fiction, a figment of the imagination of the writer/s behind the fake news site
Facebook user Raymond Frederick Papa Corpuz shared the hoax to the Facebook group “Bongbong Marcos Loyalist Facebook Warriors,” with the post gaining over 280 shares, as of writing.


It was also shared by Facebook group “Ang Bayan Ko,” which earned almost 130 shares.


Sadly, people seemed to have bought the fake story, judging from their comments online.


According to the article, Ramos’ $5 million was seized by the HM Revenue & Customs at the London airport. He was also charged for being involved in money laundering, hence the seizure of his money. The former president’s action to hand carry his millions of dollars was described by custom officials as a “possible theft of state funds,” which they said could be used to pay for “illegal activities” to be conducted.
Upon checking the rest of the details included in the article, we found out that the bit about how the Border Agency was forced to give back £700,000 to a billionaire came from a Dailymail article that is totally not related to Ramos.

The whole story about Ramos being tagged for money laundering and having his $5 million seized is totally made up by the fake news site And this isn’t even the worst hoax that Ramos was involved in. There were fake reports about his alleged death, which we have busted.


And making up stories is not entirely something new to the fake news site, which is responsible for hoaxes such as John Gokongwei buying a bulletproof car for President Duterte, Senator Leila De Lima wanting a social media ban in PH, Queen Elizabeth II calling Duterte and US President Donald Trump as blessings to the world, Duterte being added to the UK high school syllabus, and more.

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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