Busted: Bam Aquino DID NOT say he’s ready for 2022 presidential candidacy! It’s fake meme!

Senator Bam Aquino has become the subject of a fake meme that made it appear like he is eagerly waiting to run for president this 2022 and that he is ready to do so.

A meme has been circulating on Facebook since the last week of February. It contains Senator Aquino’s photo and big words in yellow, saying “I’m ready to be your next president.”
It was also captioned, “Handa ako maging Mabuting Pangulo ng Pilipinas sa 2022 gagawin ko ang hindi nagawa ni President Duterte – Bam Aquino.”

The meme was shared by Facebook fan page “President Duterte Supporters,” with its post gaining over 2,600 shares and 8,100 reactions, as of writing.

Bam Aquino presidential candidacy

It was also shared by “Even Demata,” whose post has gained more than 1,000 shares and 6,000 reactions.

Bam Aquino presidential candidacy

Since the meme did not come with a link to any article, we Googled the phrase that Aquino allegedly said during a Senate press conference.

We found several articles bearing the same exact statement that allegedly came from the senator, but they also contained only the meme that we found on Facebook.

We looked for any articles that contain the key phrase “Bam Aquino President 2022” was led to This one came with a video.

Bam Aquino presidential candidacy

It was a 4-minute, 11-second YouTube video showing Aquino being asked the main question “Anong trip mo?”

The senator said that during the time of the interview, he was focused on “social enterprise,” which is about helping the smallest entrepreneurs in the country by conducting training and seminars and help them unleash the power of their businesses.
Aquino was then speaking as a co-founder of Hapinoy. The organization, according to him, tries to support the owners of retail (sari-sari) stores, small businesses, and micro-producers in a sustainable manner for both parties.

The senator also talked about their plans for the beneficiaries of the 4Ps, about how they should “graduate” to become micro entrepreneurs.

There was nowhere in the over 4-minute video that Aquino talked about his plans to run for presidency in 2022. We also could not find any credible report bearing the statement, where the senator allegedly expressed his desire to run for the highest post in the country in the next elections. It was made up to further drum up hate for the senator, who is not only a member of the Liberal Party, but also a member of the Aquino clan.

Unfortunately, the netizens bought the false meme that was sold to them, despite how fake it was. Just look at the comments!

Bam Aquino presidential candidacy
Bam Aquino presidential candidacy

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